Start Of The Silage Season.

Todays vlog 🙂



National Ploughing Championships Day Two.

Yesterday we headed again for the National Ploughing Championships with the two eldest little farmers with us . The amount of muck by evening was bad but we had two great days even with the rain, cold and muck.
Here are some photo’s from day two 🙂

20120927-123556 PM.jpg

20120927-123603 PM.jpg

20120927-123612 PM.jpg

20120927-123621 PM.jpg

20120927-123628 PM.jpg

20120927-123635 PM.jpg

20120927-123642 PM.jpg

20120927-123704 PM.jpg

20120927-123713 PM.jpg

20120927-123726 PM.jpg

20120927-123740 PM.jpg

20120927-123757 PM.jpg

20120927-123807 PM.jpg