Shortlisted For 2014 Blog Awards.

Morning everyone  , I am back here twice in the one week something must be going to happen 🙂 . Well it did we made the shortlist again this year in the Blog Awards Ireland in the Great Outdoors category and I am delighted  . I am a little disappointed my vlog didn’t make the shortlist for the video category but its only a baby still and looking at those great vlogs that did get through I really need to up my subscribers !!! .

This little blog has been very good to me over the last few years and has made the shortlist each year but only for you guys that read it and to those who nominated it we wouldn’t be shortlisted at all so a huge THANK YOU to you all 🙂

So here is a video of my Great outdoors that I see everyday and if anyone wants to help with my subscriber count hit the little red subscribe button , I will love you forever :))

The Littlest Farmer Took The Pictures Today.

The Littlest Farmer Took The Pictures Today.

This afternoon we headed to the farm to do some ewes with sore feet , put Clik on them to stop the flies and see the lime being spread there has been none spread on the farm in 35yrs. When … Continue reading


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Since my Mam came to live with us there has been no real break from her care. It’s not that she needs much physical care it’s the constant need to be near home and at home to make her meals, if she needs help with anything or anything from town. The checking the phone to see if she rang wanting something and knowing that she will without a doubt need something when I am taking a day off this has gotten so bad that I can’t tell her I am going anywhere till the morning I am going.
It’s hard on your head the constant pressure it puts on me and the farmers. We can’t go away anywhere all of us together because there needs to be someone with her at night. We have a constant stream of nurses and helpers through the house seven days a week . As a family we have lost our house ,its not ours anymore.
You can’t have a good row, you can’t talk about anything important because there is always someone there, even the little farmers find it hard. When you are under pressure on the farm or with something personal there is no free space to sit in peace and settle stuff in your head and its hard.
This week Mam was send to St Vincent’s hospital for two weeks for her pressure sore and I know I shouldn’t say this but I am enjoying having my house back , we all are and i think we are enjoying it because at the start we were never actually asked if she could stay she just refused to leave. We are enjoying the space to have a cup of tea in the morning in peace , to chat and gossip , row and laugh in comfort . The women I have to help me in the mornings I couldn’t do without, one in particular is a total life saver and I miss her this week she is probably my only plus to having my mam her and is a huge help to me with Mam.
Caring for a parent is really a tough job but for us it’s made all the harder by the fact we were never close and I left home at 17yrs because I couldn’t wait to get away from my parents and home.
So now while I have the space I am going to make the most of it and enjoy the lifting of the pressure of caring for my mam and sort some stuff in my head . When she is back next week the pressure will return but for now I am taking the time to breathe 🙂

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Making The Most Of The Fine Weather.

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I didn’t realise I was a sun worshiper till myself and the farmer went to Marbella a good few years ago. I couldn’t get enough of it and stayed lying out till the very last minute before we had to leave.
I don’t have skin that gets a nice golden glow but I do get a little colour mixed with thousands of freckles. They say having a bit of colour makes you feel better, well for me that works or maybe its just I am warm for a change .
So for the last few days after I got over my guilt of relaxing in the sun I am here today as I type lying out trying to soak in as much sun as I can before lesson time later this afternoon.
I feel a little like all the holiday makers that are around us at the minute. I am dressed in shorts everyday and between outside work I have my strapless tshirt on . It is nearly a hassle to get my jodhs and tshirts on to go teach, but shorts would not be a good teaching look.
I hope this weather last ages and ages but if it doesn’t I will have made the most of it :).

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Summer Holiday Plans.

As anyone who lives on or has lived on a farm knows the chances to get away somewhere for a few days break is not something that happens very often. I am very glad myself and the farmer travelled so much before we started farming because since we started three years ago we haven’t been anywhere together since.

Last summer we had talked about going away for day trips on any free days we had but between the weather and just not making a huge effort we didn’t go very far at all. Well this year I am making everyone in the house make more of an effort to have fun days away from the yard and even though we don’t get to go away anywhere we will still get days together. So yesterday we came up with our list of places to go this summer.

  • Kilmore Quay Seafood Festival next Sunday.
  • Dublin Zoo.
  • Glendalough.
  • Tramore.
  • RDS Dublin Horse Show.
  • Sea Life.

This is our list so far and I can’t wait to get started , am going to start bringing my big camera as well it cost me a fortune and I never use it any more so it’s going to be coming with us as well.

What plans have you made for the summer ?