Start Of The Silage Season.

Todays vlog 🙂



Silage Season.

It’s here again , silage season for us it started this morning and on the grand scheme of things our feed making is only small scale. We had a laugh at lunch yesterday when someone said they closed off our whole farm for their silage making made us realise how small we are .
Small or not silage or hayledge making is an event on every farm that happens this time of the year. It’s the time of year when every weather station and website is looked at twenty times a day, grass is checked everyday to see if it might just be ready to cut and guesses made about how much bales will be got from the fields .

20130607-023717 p.m..jpg
We started this morning and only have half of our total amount we want to cut ready the rest won’t be cut till July. The littlest farmer of course had to travel to the field on the tractor but wouldn’t stay on it while the farmer was mowing. He kept me company as you will see in our video clips at the end.

20130607-023948 p.m..jpg

20130607-024000 p.m..jpg
The sun is lovely and warm today and there is a nice breeze in off the sea so we are hoping it will wilt well for us and we hope to make hayledge on Sunday evening.

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20130607-024234 p.m..jpg

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While the farmer was mowing I had the littlest farmer to keep me company and all he wanted to do was video himself talking about silage and what his favourite tractor was , he didn’t stop talking the whole time we were there. We hope to bale on Sunday so will have that part of our feed making to show you all then.
Have you started your silage making yet ? Enjoy the lovely weather 🙂

The Madness of It All .

We are having here in Ireland one of the wettest summers every while the rest of the world is having a drought and there is talks of food shortages because of the drought. We are going to have animal food shortages here due to the wet because it is nearly impossible at the minute to get two or three fines days in a row to get the grass cut and baled or picked up for the cattle , sheep and horses for the winter. Our horses are fed on Hayledge because when its good the feed quality is good and we have no dust problems which can come with hay. But to make our Hayledge we need three fine days in a row minimum and so far we haven’t gotten it . 

We made on Sunday just before the rain arrived very dry silage that could be fed to the horses if we run short but it wasn’t quiet as dry as we would like for our Hayledge. Sometimes I smile to myself about what a funny community the farming one is , maybe it’s because I left it for a while . Every year not just this year all the farmers seem to get a little excited around silage time now I know it is an important time of the year . They spend their days wondering who else has cut or how did they cut before us . When one farmer starts to cut everyone else jumps on the band wagon and has to cut their grass as well . There is a rush to get their place booked with the contractor before someone else gets it and they are just waiting to get their silage/Hayledge/hay made so they can then talk about anyone else who maybe didn’t time it right and got caught out by the weather. 

The next most important thing for farmers is the weather forecast , whether it’s the one that comes after the news , the one hundred that are on the internet or what some old person predicted . The weather forecast is an obsession with them , I understand why and this year due to the bad conditions it is important to watch what might be coming . But when you start to check the weather every few minutes and then stick with the forecast that suits you the best I think we have hit madness stage. I sometimes wonder if farmers were to spend less time thinking about whoever else is around them and spent that time watching their own farms would they get on a little better and have less to complain about. 

We decided we would mow our Hayledge field yesterday after I told the farmer if he looked up the weather once more I was going to beat him to death with his phone and to just make a decision and stop talking about it . So he did field mowed yesterday , rain on it today but they are giving the next few days to be ok . It’s cut now so whatever will be will be if it makes Hayledge it makes it and if not well the bulls will have more silage. I said this last year and I am saying the same this year , I am glad it only happens once a year because whatever the weather is the madness of it is still the same :).