I Haven’t Forgotten About My Blog .

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Hi everyone *waves* , I haven’t forgotten about my blog its just there seems to be no time . As I think I told everyone I had the pain of going back to college in March and of course I thought I would be able to do it all but no I wasnt able . This blog started to be left out and everyone knows I love blogging so I missed being here a lot so after watching some Youtube vlogs and after thinking about vlogging for a while before it seemed like the right time for me to start .  I could still blog just with the camera on my phone rather than the computer which was then and still is taken up with college assignments .

I am still busy with college and won’t be finished till January but at least then in the evenings I will have time to write some posts because I won’t have study and the computer wont be busy with assignments . While I love vlogging I have to admit I do miss writing my posts all about the farm and what is going on at the minute . I try to vlog most days and show what I am at all day so come over and see what I am up to when I am not here .

The farmers are all gone big the eldest one is going into second year in college, the middle one is starting fifth year and the littlest one is starting school on Thursday !!!! . We are planning a wedding for August next year and we are trying to decorate the house at the minute before I am back to school for another year . The summer has gone by so fast and I very seldom get near the farm any more because any time I have I have to study for bloody college but all the sheep and bulls are still there we haven’t changed any of it only grown it a little this year.

I will try to post a little more here and upload more of the vlogs here as well so you can all see what I am up to  . Here is today’s vlog :).


Isn’t A Farm A Busy Place.

A farm is such a busy little place with everyone on it working hard all day . When I took a few minutes this evening to think about our day here we were all busy today doing so many different jobs .
It started this morning with the farmer feeding horses and the sheep that are here . I spent the early morning inside doing house work and getting dinner ready for the middle farmer to put on later . Then all the farmers headed over to the farm to see the rest of the stock and meet the vet who was coming back to check all our bulls were TB free and thank god they were.
I headed out with the littlest farmer to do some horse riding where over the morning were got cold and soaked a few times.
After dinner myself and the littlest farmer headed back out to the horses and the farmers cleaned and washed the sheep shed getting it ready for the ewes to lamb in. This evening then the farmers headed back to the farm to feed and check all the stock while myself , the middle and littlest farmer headed to do the weekly food shop a job I hate. Then it was time for the farmer to feed the horses and time to get our Saturday Chinese , which we all love. After supper when the littlest farmer was gone to bed I got some of my school work done and coloured my hair because the grey was starting to take over .
So after a busy day like that this is my treat this evening before it all begins again tomorrow 🙂

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Feeling Feminine .

Feminine is a hard way to be when you do any work on a farm. There is nothing feminine about carrying tack, feeding lambs , helping with lambing, walking/kneeling in at times horse,sheep or bull poop or pee , helping with sheep or bulls. So to help me feel a little bit feminine I love getting my nails done . I used to always get the acrylic nails done and then I started to paint them myself . I found painting them only lasted at the most a day or two because no matter what you use it chips. So I went back to my acrylic ones again a month ago and I love them.
They are so easy to keep and very hard to break but I do keep them very short . It’s nice when you are covered in muck and poop or when you have gotten a lump of new born lamb slime to the side of the head as the farmer swings a lamb that at least your nails don’t look as rough as the rest if you does in that moment 🙂 .

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What Makes Saturday Great ?

There are just some things I love about Saturdays from my horses , my Chinese , watching the Saturday night movie to having time to relax in my pjs and read my book when the littlest farmer has gone to bed .
What makes your Saturday a great day ?

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