He is a little man now.


The day arrived when the youngest of the farmers headed off to big school , where does all the time go !!? . It seems like no length ago he was only a baby and then a toddler but they the time just seemed to speed up and now when I look at him I see a little man looking back at me not a little boy anymore .

He started his big school on Thursday and we had no tears thank God  , we were there early and all the parents went into their new class and got settled . The littlest farmer was happy enough to sit at his desk and his teacher gave him some blocks to play with  . He knows a couple of the boys in his class so at least that made it easier on him for his first day . He was finished at 12 and I treated him to Mc Donalds for his lunch for his first day in school .

The second morning which was Friday I did nearly have tears because I didn’t get to stay as long with him as the first day because I had to go to school to welcome my new kids to their class . He was ok going in but when he sat down and I had to go he wanted to know could some of the other teachers not take my kids and I could stay in school with him . His eyes filled up when I told him I had to go but no tears came so I hope he is ok tomorrow because the farmer has to bring him because I am back to school full time again with my 7.00am start  .

This morning just to make me feel worse about how fast he is growing up he lost his first tooth  , his first baby tooth , he is only four !! . He was so cool about it  , it fell out early this morning and he said he just took it out and left it on his bookbeside hsi bed and he thought no more about it  . When the farmer came in after checking all the stock he noticed the gap and when we asked he just said that fell out its upstairs  , no excitement or nothing arent boys funny creatures :).

The whole house is nearly gone back to school after our summer off , the middle little farmer went back on Thursday as well he went into fifth year  . The eldest little farmer is starting his second year of his Agriculture science course on the 8th September so he will be gone next weekend and I am back to school again tomorrow so the farmer will have to house to himself again in the mornings at least .

Did any of your little ones start school ? How did it go ? well I hope  .



Lots Of Stress and Lack Of Time.

20140217-073528 p.m..jpg

If I didn’t already feel like I was drowning in my life at the minute I was at a meeting for work a few weeks ago and found out in passing that I have to go back to fucking college (excuse the bad language ) . We were just chatting at the meeting when someone brought up the new childcare regulations that will be coming into effect January 1st next year . Anyone who wants to work with kids must have a Fetac level 5 or 6 qualification . So I sat and listened to them chat wondering where my teaching diploma fitted into this . The next morning I rang the college where I did my diploma and they confirmed my fears because I did my training in 2001 they wouldn’t be able to change it to the level 6 that it needs to be but if I had of done it in 2006 they would have been able to change it . Just my bloody luck !!!! This left me with no real choice if I wanted to stay teaching after January I had to go back and do my whole teaching diploma again.
I knew if I took to much time to think about it I wouldn’t do it so a few days later here I was a college student starting March 8th . Then last week I was sent the first of my Montessori pink language work and I had to laugh it’s the very same stuff they used in 2001 . How the fuck am I going to fit it all bloody in ? .
While I was sick last week I tried to work out a routine of what I need to get done and how I will fit it all into each day so nothing is missed and all I can say is I had better not be sick or have a day like today where I don’t even get lunch or I am screwed. I think god has put me here to suffer for some sort of sins I must have committed in a past life because the last three weeks have been shit !!.
Then just to add a little to my already high stress levels my mother tells me my uncle has just had a pace maker fitted due to an abnormal heart beat and that the whole family needs to be checked . His brothers , sisters , kids and nieces and nephews and guess who has had her heart checked already due to having a funny beat at times ??? Yes me !!! .
I really feel like I am drowning with no see out till at least September and I am so far in now there is no way out . I can see once March hits my blogging challenge will be out the window there is no room in my daily time for much of anything other than work or study and now a fucking heart check !!
It will get easier ??? Won’t it ???

A Day To Myself.

Yesterday I had a very ,very rare day to myself . R had an appointment in Dublin so I had to drop him in and then collect him when he was ready this ment I had all day to myself. No one else with me , no one looking to go home , no one wondering why I wanted to look in the shops or trying to decided where everyone should or would like to get lunch.
When I had dropped R off I headed for Dundrum, I love shopping and looking around the shops. I couldn’t believe how busy the place was yesterday morning , there was so many people shopping. I had a few bits I wanted to get but nothing huge. R wanted some clothes and I had been saving for an iPad for school but was waiting for ages to get one.
I started with the clothes shopping and there was nothing I saw I liked and to be honest I got kind of fed up looking at clothes. Next I headed to the Apple shop and spend ages looking at all the iPads and the prices , I settled on an iPad mini as it’s only really for school because I have my Surface for anything else. Next I had to go to Easons because I couldn’t go to Dundrum and not look at all the books but even here I couldn’t find anything I liked.
It was only lunch time and I had everything done , how could I be finished , it always takes ages to look around. I was hoping after lunch I would find a few more things to look at but no !!.
Lunch was really nice , I went to the Siam Thai and it was lovely but even with lunch I was finished by three. So after one more coffee I had totally run out of things to do only wait for R to be ready . I sat in the shopping centre and couldn’t believe that I was totally fed up shopping this had never happened me before . There was a time I would spend hours and hours shopping but yesterday I didn’t even bother looking in the shops I just wasn’t in the mood. It was very like when you go shopping with lots of money you never see anything you like and the day you go with no money you see loads you like. I think yesterday was like that for me , I had a completely free day and I got bored and when the farmers come with me I would see lots to keep me busy. I did enjoy the peace of the day even if I did get bored shopping and I now have an iPad full of Montessori apps ready for my class so it wasn’t all bad .

Meet Max.

I haven’t officially introduced you all to Max yet . When I started back teaching I wanted to get a pet for my class so after some thinking about what kind of pet would work it was decided it would be a Guinea pig. I think it’s great for kids to learn to care for a pet , it teaches them respect for another animal and how to care for something.
So off I went one Saturday afternoon and arrived home with Max. I had no idea what Guinea pigs were like but he is a real little cutie and the kids love him. They love feeding him everyday and watching how he eats and drinks .
Here is Max 🙂

20131029-090252 p.m..jpg

20131029-090302 p.m..jpg

20131029-090313 p.m..jpg