He is a little man now.


The day arrived when the youngest of the farmers headed off to big school , where does all the time go !!? . It seems like no length ago he was only a baby and then a toddler but they the time just seemed to speed up and now when I look at him I see a little man looking back at me not a little boy anymore .

He started his big school on Thursday and we had no tears thank God  , we were there early and all the parents went into their new class and got settled . The littlest farmer was happy enough to sit at his desk and his teacher gave him some blocks to play with  . He knows a couple of the boys in his class so at least that made it easier on him for his first day . He was finished at 12 and I treated him to Mc Donalds for his lunch for his first day in school .

The second morning which was Friday I did nearly have tears because I didn’t get to stay as long with him as the first day because I had to go to school to welcome my new kids to their class . He was ok going in but when he sat down and I had to go he wanted to know could some of the other teachers not take my kids and I could stay in school with him . His eyes filled up when I told him I had to go but no tears came so I hope he is ok tomorrow because the farmer has to bring him because I am back to school full time again with my 7.00am start  .

This morning just to make me feel worse about how fast he is growing up he lost his first tooth  , his first baby tooth , he is only four !! . He was so cool about it  , it fell out early this morning and he said he just took it out and left it on his bookbeside hsi bed and he thought no more about it  . When the farmer came in after checking all the stock he noticed the gap and when we asked he just said that fell out its upstairs  , no excitement or nothing arent boys funny creatures :).

The whole house is nearly gone back to school after our summer off , the middle little farmer went back on Thursday as well he went into fifth year  . The eldest little farmer is starting his second year of his Agriculture science course on the 8th September so he will be gone next weekend and I am back to school again tomorrow so the farmer will have to house to himself again in the mornings at least .

Did any of your little ones start school ? How did it go ? well I hope  .



I Haven’t Forgotten About My Blog .

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Hi everyone *waves* , I haven’t forgotten about my blog its just there seems to be no time . As I think I told everyone I had the pain of going back to college in March and of course I thought I would be able to do it all but no I wasnt able . This blog started to be left out and everyone knows I love blogging so I missed being here a lot so after watching some Youtube vlogs and after thinking about vlogging for a while before it seemed like the right time for me to start .  I could still blog just with the camera on my phone rather than the computer which was then and still is taken up with college assignments .

I am still busy with college and won’t be finished till January but at least then in the evenings I will have time to write some posts because I won’t have study and the computer wont be busy with assignments . While I love vlogging I have to admit I do miss writing my posts all about the farm and what is going on at the minute . I try to vlog most days and show what I am at all day so come over and see what I am up to when I am not here .

The farmers are all gone big the eldest one is going into second year in college, the middle one is starting fifth year and the littlest one is starting school on Thursday !!!! . We are planning a wedding for August next year and we are trying to decorate the house at the minute before I am back to school for another year . The summer has gone by so fast and I very seldom get near the farm any more because any time I have I have to study for bloody college but all the sheep and bulls are still there we haven’t changed any of it only grown it a little this year.

I will try to post a little more here and upload more of the vlogs here as well so you can all see what I am up to  . Here is today’s vlog :).

It’s Springtime.

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It’s here again , the madness that is springtime on our little farm only this year there is a few extras thrown in to add to the madness. Last year I was at home all the time to help with the lambing this year I am working in the mornings and last year I hadn’t started college .
It’s always a busy time on any farm when all the spring arrivals happen but when you add a few extras there just seems to be no time at all . My days are really long at the minute , starting at 5.30 am and finishing with the late ewe check at 11pm , by that time my whole body is tired. I love my teaching in the morning but I find I am wondering what is going on at home and who is lambing and was it a smooth birth .

20140321-083051 a.m..jpg
When I was told I had to go back to college till end of October I thought it won’t be to bad but bloody hell after the first weekend workshop there is just so much to get through to have it all done that I am trying to study 8pm till 11pm at night , that’s tough going . I know when the lambing is over it will be easier to fit it all in but at the minute it’s tough.

20140321-083401 a.m..jpg
These are the reasons I haven’t had time to blog and god I miss it , I miss sharing our lambing and what we are up to but I just can’t fit it in at the minute.
We are half way through our lambing season and so far the girls have been good to us we have three pets which were all triplets . Most of our old girls have lambed and are gone out to a field of really good grass this year and are milking well on just the grass no meal. They would give a dairy cow a run for its money 🙂 . The weather this spring has been kinder on the lambs and the ewes and not having to feed meal this year is a huge saving.
Our next lambing challenge is our ewe lambs they are to start lambing any day . We are hoping to not have much trouble with them but being ewe lambs you just never know .
So you can see we are mental busy but I will try blog as much as I can because I miss it a lot 🙂 .

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