Shortlisted For 2014 Blog Awards.

Morning everyone ย , I am back here twice in the one week something must be going to happen ๐Ÿ™‚ . Well it did we made the shortlist again this year in the Blog Awards Ireland in the Great Outdoors category and I am delighted ย . I am a little disappointed my vlog didn’t make the shortlist for the video category but its only a baby still and looking at those great vlogs that did get through I really need to up my subscribers !!! .

This little blog has been very good to me over the last few years and has made the shortlist each year but only for you guys that read it and to those who nominated it we wouldn’t be shortlisted at all so a huge THANK YOU to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

So here is a video of my Great outdoors that I see everyday and if anyone wants to help with my subscriber count hit the little red subscribe button , I will love you forever :))


Proud To Call Myself A Farmerette.

After a great first farmerette’s tweet up yesterday it got me thinking about the use of the word farmerette and why I chose it as my twitter and blog name. It was one of the many topics and there were lots, up for discussion at the tweet up , I think if we were still there we would still be talking . We covered kids , dinners , food , education , social media , make up and the use of the word FARMERETTE . Now you see that ten letter word ? well out of all we talked about that little word caused the most controversy outside our meeting group and the most laughs inside our group.

We started the discussion on the use of the term farmerette and how we all felt about it and why we had picked it as our hash tag for our tweet up. Out of nine women only one of us didn’t like the use of the term , explaining that in other jobs there is no ‘ette’ added to show it’s a woman which we all agreed with . We then talked about how women are not a very vocal group in farming and that maybe by using the term farmerette for a while we will make women more obvious, I think yesterday is a huge example of nine women making a statement and that eventually we will be able to drop the farmerette and be just called farmer’s and people won’t automatically think we are men. Now before anyone tries to tell me when they see this they don’t firstly think I am a man ‘ newfarmer’ you are few and far between or not telling me the truth because I asked my wonderful twitter followers today and all except one said yes a man came to mind first where as when they saw ‘ newfarmerette ‘ they knew I was a woman.

It was very funny to see that the people who were most upset by the use of the term farmerette were either men who thought it made us sound like we were a girlie club or playing at farming and females who don’t either live on a farm or farm ? . Out of our wonderful group of nine farmers only two of us use the term farmerette about ourselves and it is only on our blog and twitter accounts , we chose to use this term and by using farmerette has helped hugely to bring our farms to the attention of families more so than if we said we were farmers. I know this because I quizzed my twitter followers today and the response was that because I was a woman and made it obvious using farmerette other women and men who possibly wouldn’t have read the blog if it was just farmer . I am talking mostly about women from non farming backgrounds who now love the farm stories and use my blog posts to show their kids how and where their food comes from.

I chose to use the term farmerette for many reasons one was because farming is such a hard , heavy and dirty job I wanted something to make it seem a little more feminine . I wanted a word that when people found my blog they didn’t think I was a man first , I wanted them to know I was a woman who is a FARMER. Today when I looked up the term farmerette I came across the Womens Land Army and I have to say that after reading about the huge amount of work these women did all over the world in farming during world war 2 as a female farmer I am proud to be called a farmerette . These women did so much work and kept the worlds farming going while the men went off to fight.

I challenge any man or woman to spend a day with me doing the heavy, hard, dirty , long hours I do and tell me that by using the term farmerette I am playing at being a farmer or I am not equal to any man when it comes to farm work because I use the term farmerette. After our great tweet up I am not going to stop using the term farmerette for myself because if it gets women in farming recognised like yesterday I think that is what needs to happen. In world war 2 land army farmerettes were described as wartime icons , icons are needed now again to push all female farmers forward so when we see the word FARMER we don’t think of a man until then I am very proud to be know as a farmerette .



What This Farmerette Does Most Days.

What is a Farmerette ? I suppose a farmerette is any female who helps or farms on their own or with someone else. We farmerettes come in all forms from those who help out when they are needed , those who help out with seasonal events on the farm like calf rearing or lambing and then there are those like me who are farming all year round hail rain or shine.

I was asked maybe a week ago by a friend what do I do all day ? You never have time free for anything ? you cant be that busy sure you are at home all day ? So here it is , what I do most days and the reason I have very little spare time :).

7.00am: I crawl out of bed every morning at this time , during the week the oldest farmers are called and gotten ready for school. Myself and the littlest farmer get our breakfast and at 7.40 am the farmer drops the boys to their bus.

7.50 am: The farmer is back from the bus run and we load up and head to the farm to feed and check all stock , this usually takes about an hour. At the minute the calves are getting fed meal so this means carrying a bucket of meal through the field . It’s the bit I hate , but it is great exercise seeing all the stock each morning.

9.00am: Back home , get some house work done and when I say some it really is very little , a quick cup of coffee and if it’s a Tuesday or Thurs we get a read of the farming papers.

9.30am: Time to head out to muck out with the farmer , sweep the yard and in the stables , feed meal to horses that get it and check everyone is in good form .

11.00am : We normally have another break for a bar of chocolate around this time if the morning allows, then its off to get anything needed from the town or co op for the farm.

12.30pm: This is when I am back inside to start lunch and get some more little bits of house work done.

2.00pm : On a Monday , Wednesday and Friday we use the afternoons to get stuff done on the farm , Tuesday is housework for me and Thursday is lesson day till 9.00pm. On the days we are on the farm it could be any jobs from fencing , moving stock , cleaning up , doing stock e.g sheeps feet , dosing , moving to fresh grass .

4.30 pm : Its back home , bus run to collect the boys and dinner time.

6.00 pm: Its back to the farm to do the evening feed and check everyone is ok for the night and a little more exercise just for good measure :).

7.30pm: It’s the littlest farmers bed time this takes about half and hour to get him to bed and asleep. Then depending on the evening its sit down time , to read , blog or catch up on some TV. I do lessons on a Monday , Tuesday and a Thursday night so my nights off are scarce.

9.00pm: The pet lambs get their night time milk at this time.

10.30 pm: This is the time my bed calls me and then it all starts again the next day.

A farmerettes day is not a handy one but when we do have some free time we really do enjoy having the time off .

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I Blogged Everyday For A Month

I did it ……… I blogged everyday for a month ๐Ÿ™‚ . Again this year I managed the challenge of blogging everyday for a month. Last year I set myself this challenge ย after I had read the book ‘ Bloggers Boot Camp’ and in it they say a post a day is the only way.

This year it was much easier to post everyday , maybe because I am blogging longer than last year it was all still new to me then. Out of all the hobbies I have ever had this has to be the only one I have stuck with for so long and as of yet , 18 months since my first post I still love every minute of it. I haven’t had writers block yet , have probably jinxed myself now haven’t I ?.

Blogging is a great way to meet and chat with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Blogs are great to read and in the last week I have found some great new ones will share them with you on Wednesday. Blogging has opened so many doors to me that I know if I hadn’t started blogging and twitter I would never have had the same chances.

Do I think everyone should blog ? Well yes I think there is a blog in anyone just look at my little one it’s all about our family life on the farm. Does everyone have the time to blog , no . Even though I am busy I try my best to blog and the reason I do is because I love it, the fact that others read it and maybe enjoy it is a huge bonus. I have missed food so I could get a post written and that’s a lot for someone who loves her food :).

For all those who have that nag in their stomachs that they could blog but are just not sure where to start , start with introducing yourself to the world . Just sit down and start the rest will all fall into place , I promise and you can always email me with questions I would be delighted to help. That reminds me I need to get on to someone who was starting her blog and emailing me pieces during the month and I want to see how she is getting on getting it going.

I am hoping to keep up the post a day from now on , whether it’s a photo , song, poem , list , 1000 word post or just to say ‘Hi’ , hope you guys don’t get bored :). Two other things I would love to try is some more vlog’s and I am itching to try Audioboo I even downloaded the app but as of yet I am not brave enough to try one .

But for now have a great Monday everyone :).