Shortlisted For 2014 Blog Awards.

Morning everyone  , I am back here twice in the one week something must be going to happen 🙂 . Well it did we made the shortlist again this year in the Blog Awards Ireland in the Great Outdoors category and I am delighted  . I am a little disappointed my vlog didn’t make the shortlist for the video category but its only a baby still and looking at those great vlogs that did get through I really need to up my subscribers !!! .

This little blog has been very good to me over the last few years and has made the shortlist each year but only for you guys that read it and to those who nominated it we wouldn’t be shortlisted at all so a huge THANK YOU to you all 🙂

So here is a video of my Great outdoors that I see everyday and if anyone wants to help with my subscriber count hit the little red subscribe button , I will love you forever :))


A Fine Saturday and New Calves.

20140222-085500 p.m..jpg
While it wasn’t a sunny day with us it was the first fine Saturday in nearly four weeks and the ponies were delighted to be doing some work.
This afternoon all the farmers headed off to collect the first of this years new baby bull calves . I had forgotten how small and cute they are 🙂

20140222-085807 p.m..jpg

Norman Is Gone To Bull Heaven.

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This is poor Norman who today went to bull heaven. Norman is one of the very cute little bull calves on the top of my blog but at the time he didn’t have a name. Norman only became Norman when he decided to pig out on his meal and get sick. The vet was called and he had his stomach pumped and given lots of drugs but no one held out any real hope of him surviving the night he wasn’t even able to stand.

The next morning Norman was still there so the farmer decided to move him out to a little paddock we have at the farm so at least if he died he wouldn’t be in the shed with all the other bulls and maybe the grass would encourage him to eat.

Norman stayed on the ground for nearly a week with myself and the farmer turning him over , hand feeding him pulled grass , dosing him with Rumen booster and giving him drinks of water out of a bucket. He even tried to get up one day and fell on the electric fence which was where the farmer found him one afternoon , we were sure this would have killed him but no he stayed going.

Then one morning we went to the farm and there he was standing up eating grass , a little wobbly but standing all the same. From here he just got better and better , he spent all summer with the young calves out on grass when his friends in the shed were long gone to the factory Norman was still there . Today his time came to head to the factory and I did feel very sorry for poor Norman after all the minding he got that he had to go but that is the way on a farm but at least he will always be on the top of the blog .

Another Year Over.


So we have just about finished another busy and sometimes eventful year on our farm. This year seems to have just flown by in the blink of an eye. Christmas is over and tomorrow is New Years Eve, where does it go ? . I hope everyone had a good Christmas and Santa came to everyone ? It was a nice peaceful Christmas here once we had our busy Christmas eve over us. We had a surprise arrival on Christmas eve , a lovely pedigree ram lamb , we knew she was due to lamb but didn’t think it would happen that day.

Since we started farming three nearly four years ago now each year we seem to get through so much stuff each year but maybe it just seems like that because we started with nothing so I guess even one more sheep is an improvement :). This year we had twenty bull calves again and we got them out to grass really early in the spring and it made a huge difference to their growth during the year. We had twenty big bulls to go to the factory as well , these big guys are the only stock on the farm I hate having anything to do with , they are just so big and rowdy when you are in the shed with them. We had one big bull get sick with us when he pigged out on his meal , so I christened him Norman and he is still with us but only for a few more days then he to will be gone to bull heaven.

The girls were good to us this year they gave us good lambs and everyone of them tried hard to be good mothers which made our job at lambing time so much easier. We started lambing in March and this year myself and the farmer worked hard with long hours but it was I have to say really enjoyable . Out of all our stock the horses come first but the sheep are nearly as nice I think. We increased our sheep numbers this year and joined our first discussion group . I love going to the group meetings because you learn so much from listening to other farmers talking about what worked and didn’t work for them. We learned this year at lambing time what a ‘ringed womb’ was as we had two ewes like that , I had never heard of it before. The spring was hard on the lambs because it was cold and wet when they went out and even though we didn’t loose any to the weather we did loose four to foxes . We sorted the fox problem but it was very hard going over to see them in the morning and finding bits of half eaten lambs around the field. At the minute we hope all our girls are in lamb again and we will be scanning them in the next week or so and we will know then how many new arrivals we will have in March.

My babies were working away all year with lessons and pony camp these are my total passion. I only managed one outing with my mad mare before she went in foal and she will be due to have it in May , I can see myself sleeping in the stable with her when the time gets close she is the best horse I have ever had or ridden. We also had a new arrival in the shape of Ted a very cute sheep dog pup and as I type the farmers are putting up a new sheep shed so the girls will have a little comfort while they lamb.

We have had a busy year as a family as well . The littlest farmer started playschool five days a week in September and while he hated it when he was doing the three days he loves doing the five days. The middle little farmer started transition year , which he is loving . He is doing everything from home economics to wood work and they are even going on a trip to Barcelona in May. The eldest little farmer started college in Waterford doing Ag science and while he hates leaving home on a Sunday evening he is loving his course. The farmer is now the only full time farmer in the house since September because I went back Montessori teaching in the mornings so now my farming time is limited to just the afternoons and this time of the year there isn’t much farming to do in the afternoons. Earlier in the year I was nominated for a Women in Ag award and I was delighted to make the last nine in it and the blog was nominated for a Blog award . Since September I have found it hard to fit everything in and my blog has been neglected as has my twitter and instagram accounts which I plan on changing in the New Year.

So what is the plan for the year ahead ? well I hope we are all happy and healthy . I hope we have luck with our farm and that the farmers continue to get on well in school. I have some plans for this blog and possibly another one and one or two more things I want to do this year coming but more about these in tomorrows post :).

So that’s us everyday life on an Irish family farm , how was your year ?

I made a video clip on Flipagram with some photos from our year hope you enjoy .