A tweet up and ploughing 2015. 

It’s not long now till one of the biggest if not the biggest event in the farming calendar . The National Ploughing championships are on next Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of September in Ratheniska , Co Laois . 
This is a yearly three day event which showcases all areas of agriculture in Ireland from machinery to food , dairy to sheep , farming organisations to sheds and lots more as well . It is a great day or couple of days out for the whole family because there is something for everyone there . 
We go every year and some years we go two or maybe even the three days . This year we are going on the Wednesday and on that day I am going to be tweeting from the @IrelandsFarmers account for the day . This Twitter account is curated each week by a different Irish farmers to give people an insight into farm life on all types of farms . 
This year the three days of the ploughing is covered by three different farmers my day is Wednesday . The fun thing this year is you can come meet the tweeting farmers at the ploughing . Each day in the IFA tent there will be a meet up , one at 12pm and another at 3pm . It will a chance to meet us and have a chat . So I am asking you all to come along if you are at the ploughing Wednesday and say hi at 12pm or 3pm myself and Sid will be waiting . 
Our hashtag for the ploughing is #ploughing15 and here is the @IrelandsFarmers account so go follow and see what will be happening over the three days . We will be there to answer farming questions , Twitter questions or in my case if anyone wants to know about blogging or vlogging I will be happy to start you off that day . 
So spread the word guys about the meet up and I hope to see you all at the ploughing there might even be tea 🙂 
Elaine x . 
Here is a vlog from last years ploughing 🙂 


Shortlisted For 2014 Blog Awards.

Morning everyone  , I am back here twice in the one week something must be going to happen 🙂 . Well it did we made the shortlist again this year in the Blog Awards Ireland in the Great Outdoors category and I am delighted  . I am a little disappointed my vlog didn’t make the shortlist for the video category but its only a baby still and looking at those great vlogs that did get through I really need to up my subscribers !!! .

This little blog has been very good to me over the last few years and has made the shortlist each year but only for you guys that read it and to those who nominated it we wouldn’t be shortlisted at all so a huge THANK YOU to you all 🙂

So here is a video of my Great outdoors that I see everyday and if anyone wants to help with my subscriber count hit the little red subscribe button , I will love you forever :))

I Braved The Camera And Started My Video Blog.

So a video blog is normally called a vlog and I have been thinking for ages about starting one. I posted one video well over a year ago now and that was as far as I went . The time was never right , it was always easier to write my blog posts rather than film them and really in all fairness who wants to listen to me for ten minutes talk about my day to day happenings.

Now that I don’t have the time to sit and write my blog posts due to my life being completely mental at the minute , the idea of my own vlog started to surface again. Now I am not good with a camera, you have all been warned and today I was playing around with the video app I have and I will possibly be sideways for some of the vlog but please be kind I am a complete beginner to all things vlogging and video related.

Due to my huge lack of experience with all things youtube I had to ask the middle farmer for some help on Sunday night when I posted the first video. Today when he was home from school he asked me how many views I had had on last nights sheep shed vlog and on my first one , the answer was nine in total , he was shocked and when he said sure you have loads of followers on Twitter and Facebook and on the Blog he was even more shocked when I told him I hadn’t told you guys about it . He wanted to know why and when I thought about it most of the reason was embarrassment about it being me on the video and not sitting down to write the post.

I know that probably seems stupid because I tell you guys everything with great honesty and bluntness but the thought of you guys seeing me was/is very daunting. It was like starting this blog all over again , it took me a year of talking and reading about blogging and then a month of putting it off before I ran out of excuses and hit publish on my first post and I have loved every minute of it since.

I can guarantee that these first videos will be rough and ready as will I ,but I can also guarantee what you see is what you get . There wont be make up , special lighting or anything staged to make it all look perfect it will be rough and raw just like real life. So after a telling off from the middle little farmer here is my youtube channel and yesterdays and today’s vlog posts . I am saying sorry now for the very unsteady and sideways video and it being very fuzzy but I PROMISE I will get better :).

Blog Review : Cakes , Bakes and Other Bit’s.

About a month or so I received the Liebster Blog award and it made me think about the blogs I like to read and it also gave me a chance to read some other blogs that I didn’t know about . This gave me the idea to do a review of the blog’s I like maybe once or twice a month and maybe someone else would like some or all of them as well. Colette very kindly agreed to be my first blog review so I am hoping the other blogger’s I read will be as kind :).

Colette’s blog is www.cakesbakesandotherbits.blogspot.com  and is a huge hit here with the farmer’s who call Colette ‘ The Cake Lady’ . This blog is full of lovely recipe’s for cakes , buns and breads and lot’s in between . Two of our most loved recipe’s are for ginger cake and lemon cup cakes . The farmer’s have been asking for some new cakes Colette :). 

I decided for my review I would ask some question’s about Colette’s blog and her reason’s for blogging and here they are :

1.When did you start your blog ?

Funnily enough, I wrote my first post a year ago yesterday, 18th April 2011

2. What was your reason for starting your blog ?

After joining Twitter, I noticed many of those I followed wrote their own blogs. I just thought maybe I could start one too. A bit of a “spur of the moment” idea.

3. What do you enjoy most about blogging ?

I like the “research” process of looking for recipes to do, and adapt.  I’m forever experimenting in the kitchen.  After that, I enjoy trying to get a half-decent image of what I make.  

4. How do you choose what to blog about ?

At first, I just rambled on a bit, about how I started etc., and then gradually I came to realise that if you are going to write about something, write about something you know.  I have not always been the most “domestic” of goddesses, but I have always been able to bake.  I did Science subjects at school, and was never interested in Home Economics, but learned the basics from my Mother.  As for the “Other Bits” in the title of my blog, this refers to my love of  photography in general, which has been a life-long interest of mine.

5. Do you see yourself blogging for the foreseeable future ?

Yes, I certainly do! My Husband and I are about to become “empty-nesters” this year, as our Daughter will be heading to College, so I will be lucky enough to have a bit more time to dedicate to blogging.

6. What is your greatest blogging achievement so far ?

Greatest achievements, well, I suppose seeing the number of views hit 10,000 last month was one. Then Getting a “Liebster Blog Award” was another.  That made my day, that someone thought enough of my blog to consider it for the “Award”.

7. Where do you blog and at what time of day ?

I usually have my Notebook on the kitchen table, and make a start around lunch-time most days when writing posts.

8. What has been your most interesting / entertaining comment you have received so far ?

That’s a difficult one.  There was a comment from @CherrySue (who writes about fashion and beauty items) on a post I did last year about a wedding we went to, which made me laugh.  She said:  “I envy you your camera skillz, C.  I went to a wedding last week, and the blogging public were lucky to get an “Outfit of the Day” out of me, before carnage ensued.  Keep it up x”

9. What one tip would you give someone just starting a blog ?

My one tip would be, you have to ENJOY writing your blog, otherwise there is no point.

I hope you will enjoy Colette’s blog as much as we do 🙂 and Thanks Colette for  being my first review . Who would like to be my second review ????

A Big Thank You .


Over the last week or so I have gotten some lovely comment’s from people who read this little blog about how much they enjoy it. It is lovely to hear what people think of our blog because sometimes when I read back what I have written down it is a little like listening to your own voice,that just sounds bad. I read it back sometimes and ask myself was their a better way to explain that or could I have used some of those big fancy words to make my blog look fancy and myself sound intelligent.

But you know what I write the same as I would chat with anyone I meet , I am not into fancy words or trying to sound intelligent . This is me to the point with no fluffing and anyway most of those big words I have to look up the meanings of :).

I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who reads our blog and I hope you will enjoy it for a lot longer :).

Nearly forgot my poor jeep didn’t pass yesterday but at least it only failed on the parts I knew were wrong so thank god for that :).

Have a good Thursday everyone .

My Canadian Surprise.

We were away today in Dublin myself , the littlest farmer and R . On our way up the farmer rang to tell us a package had arrived all the way from Canada . They were dying to open it and see what was in it but I asked them to wait ,to be honest I couldn’t wait either to see what had arrived.
A few months ago I did a review on Caitlin Moran’s book How To Be A Woman. I received a lovely comment from Jennifer in Canada about how she would love to read the book but was having trouble getting a copy so I said I would send her mine to read . That’s what started our package adventure , Jennifer said as a thank you for the book she would send over a little something from Canada , which the farmers couldn’t wait to arrive.
Finding Someone as nice as Jennifer is one of the lovely things about blogging , it’s all the wonderfully friendly and encouraging people from all over the world that read my blog everyday . It is one of the things I love most about my blog .
These are two of the lovely things that arrived today , we also got bags of chips but the farmers ate them before I could get a picture 🙂

20120327-104318 PM.jpg

20120327-104346 PM.jpg
I am already here planning our next package to send to Canada , little pieces of Ireland in a box 🙂
Thanks Jennifer .