Shortlisted For 2014 Blog Awards.

Morning everyone  , I am back here twice in the one week something must be going to happen 🙂 . Well it did we made the shortlist again this year in the Blog Awards Ireland in the Great Outdoors category and I am delighted  . I am a little disappointed my vlog didn’t make the shortlist for the video category but its only a baby still and looking at those great vlogs that did get through I really need to up my subscribers !!! .

This little blog has been very good to me over the last few years and has made the shortlist each year but only for you guys that read it and to those who nominated it we wouldn’t be shortlisted at all so a huge THANK YOU to you all 🙂

So here is a video of my Great outdoors that I see everyday and if anyone wants to help with my subscriber count hit the little red subscribe button , I will love you forever :))


We Made The Long List For Blog Awards Ireland.

Last year was my first year blogging and I was REALLY lucky to make both the long list and short list for Blog Awards Ireland and this year this little blog has made the long list in three categories. The short list will be announced at the start of September. I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate my blog , it still amazes me people read it :).

All us Irish bloggers will be looking forward to the awards night in October , it was a great night last year. I remember I was so nervous going to it because I was going to meet loads of people who even though I probably tweeted them most days I have never actually met them. The same was true of meeting some bloggers I admire but it was great and everyone was so nice.

The years we have been long listed in Best personal , Best lifestyle and Great outdoors, I am excited and nervous about the short list because there is such a high standard of blogs on the long lists with me this year. There are lots of blogs I didn’t even know about so am looking forward to reading them over the next few weeks.

Thanks again to everyone who nominated my little blog , roll on October , now to go clothes shopping.

Blog Awards Ireland 2012.

Myself and the farmer got all tidied up and headed for Naas Co Kildare yesterday evening for the Blog Awards Ireland. I had been looking forward to this for ages , since I found out my little blog had been nominated. Then when we were shortlisted tickets were booked and even though my blog didn’t make the finalists this year I wouldn’t have missed the night for anything.

Lessons were finished early so I could get ready to go , any excuse for a little pampering :). Two of my helpers agreed to help me get ready , one fixed my hair while the other fixed my face . At times like this I kind of wish I was a man , all the farmer had to do was have a wash and get dressed .

It took us about an hour to get to the Osprey Hotel in Naas , I had never been before , it is a beautiful hotel .  My nerves started to kick in as we pulled up outside and I don’t know why I wasn’t getting an award . But now when I think about it I was nervous to meet all the bloggers who’s blogs I love to read , I was nervous the farmer would hate the night because he doesn’t understand the whole blog / twitter/ facebook/ instagram thing , I was nervous because this was the first official blog event I have ever been to. I had arranged to meet Belle, who I had met at the horse show this year to go into the awards with , that helped the nerves a lot .

We were shown to the ballroom where all the tables were set out . The room looked lovely , it’s a little hard to see the room in my pictures . When we were seated we spotted name tags on the table but these were tags with a difference each of us had to design our own tags and there was a spot prize for the best.  Mine has been put up for safe keeping I am hoping to organise something soon with some fellow bloggers where I will need this name badge again . The hash tag for the night was #blogfestirl this was great because we could see what everyone else was saying.  The awards were done in such a way that the first ten were announced then we had our starter , then the next ten and our main course then the last ten and our dessert.The awards themselves were sponsored by Belleek  , they were a lovely cream/white vase .  All the winners can be found here , a huge congratulations to all the winners you are the reason I keep blogging :).

During the evening there was spot prizes , set dancing , angry birds , requests for more craft items and phone chargers. An awards ceremony must be a huge event to organise but it was a great night and a huge thanks to Lorna , Amanda and Beatrice for organising such a good night for us all. The food was lovely and we each had a lovely goodie bag sitting on our seats when we arrived to take home with us at the end of the night.

The farmer at the start found it all a little strange , that everyone was on their phones and that everything that was tweeted appeared up on a big screen. But I have to say that after a while he started to get into it and was cheering and clapping with the rest of us . He has even said that he will come with me again next year to the awards because he had a really good night which says a lot about the night , that a none tweeter , none blogger really enjoyed himself :). The awards are on the 25th October next year and I am already looking forward to it :).

We Made The Shortlist.

WE MADE THE SHORTLIST 🙂 , sorry am still grinning from ear to ear and shocked my blog made the shortlist. What a week for my blog I reached and passed 10,000 views this week after ten month’s of blogging and last night I found out we also reached the shortlist for Best Lifestyle Blog. 

I can’t believe my little blog has come so far it really amazes me . Thank you to everyone who reads it because of you it has come this far. The finalists in each group will be announced at the end of September , I would love the make that list but it would be a bit much to hope for in my first year . The awards night is in October and I am really looking forward meeting all the people who’s blog’s I love reading. Time for a new dress I think 🙂  for now I am going to celebrate with a cup of coffee and a Chocolate mint crisp . 

We Were Nominated .

On Saturday the whole Irish blogging community waited to see if their blog had made the long lists  for The Grafton Media Blog Awards Ireland . We waited till ten Saturday night and then I read down through the lists with fingers crossed hoping I had made one list but thinking I more than likely hadn’t as I am only blogging since November . 

I nearly dropped the laptop when I saw we had made it onto four long lists  , Best Newcomer , Best Blog Post , Best Lifestyle Blog , Best Personal Blog.There was a lot of shouting and jumping around I think the farmers taught I had finally lost the plot :). I am really delighted to have made four long list and it’s a huge thanks to everyone who nominated me because only for you all I wouldn’t have made any list. We will know who makes the short lists for the awards night at the start of September . These lists will be decided by judges so I hope they like my blog as much as you guys do , I have my fingers and toes crossed :). Thank you to everyone who nominated me :).


It’s Nearly Here.

The last day of July this summer is just flying by so fast , the weather has been so bad . I decided last week I was going to take an August break from my usual blogging and instead post a photo a day for the month . It was a post by Susannah Conway on her blog about The August break that made me decided to do it . I have spent the last few days gathering up all my little pieces I needed for my August break . 

The above logo is from Susannah’s blog . 


I have my sketch pad and colour’s , a new pen  , my canon and second lens , my phone and Susannah’s new book . I am so looking forward to a month to take photo’s because I don’t get to take as many as I would like . I might even some days post more than the one photo :). If you are going to do the August break as well please let me know so I can have a look at your photo’s as well :).

Today is the last day to nominate your most loved Irish blogs for an award in the Blog Awards Ireland. We would all love an excuse to get all dressed up and have a lovely night out so please go to the badge on the right hand side of my blog and vote for all those blogs you love . You don’t have to live in Ireland to vote but the blog you vote for does need to be an Irish one so go , get nominating I would love a night out  :).