He is a little man now.


The day arrived when the youngest of the farmers headed off to big school , where does all the time go !!? . It seems like no length ago he was only a baby and then a toddler but they the time just seemed to speed up and now when I look at him I see a little man looking back at me not a little boy anymore .

He started his big school on Thursday and we had no tears thank God  , we were there early and all the parents went into their new class and got settled . The littlest farmer was happy enough to sit at his desk and his teacher gave him some blocks to play with  . He knows a couple of the boys in his class so at least that made it easier on him for his first day . He was finished at 12 and I treated him to Mc Donalds for his lunch for his first day in school .

The second morning which was Friday I did nearly have tears because I didn’t get to stay as long with him as the first day because I had to go to school to welcome my new kids to their class . He was ok going in but when he sat down and I had to go he wanted to know could some of the other teachers not take my kids and I could stay in school with him . His eyes filled up when I told him I had to go but no tears came so I hope he is ok tomorrow because the farmer has to bring him because I am back to school full time again with my 7.00am start  .

This morning just to make me feel worse about how fast he is growing up he lost his first tooth  , his first baby tooth , he is only four !! . He was so cool about it  , it fell out early this morning and he said he just took it out and left it on his bookbeside hsi bed and he thought no more about it  . When the farmer came in after checking all the stock he noticed the gap and when we asked he just said that fell out its upstairs  , no excitement or nothing arent boys funny creatures :).

The whole house is nearly gone back to school after our summer off , the middle little farmer went back on Thursday as well he went into fifth year  . The eldest little farmer is starting his second year of his Agriculture science course on the 8th September so he will be gone next weekend and I am back to school again tomorrow so the farmer will have to house to himself again in the mornings at least .

Did any of your little ones start school ? How did it go ? well I hope  .



The First Is Ready To Leave.

The August Break is over and while I love the break from the usual blogging routine I do miss writing my posts about what’s happening here and on the farm . We are now only a few days away from the eldest farmer heading to Waterford to start his Ag Science and college life adventure.
Today we headed off to Dundrum, which none of the farmers enjoy to get new clothes for the college student and the littlest farmer for Playschool . It was strange to see R picking out his clothes for a whole new experience that I won’t be as much a part of as the past 18 years. He has grown into a fine young man that I am sure any Mam would be proud of, I know I am . I just hope that we have shown him enough life skills that it will make his college life easy for him .
He will I am sure be a little home sick but I hope he will find ways to spend his free time not just out partying which I know has to be done to . I hope he is wise with his money and is always as safe as he can when he goes out . I suppose as his mother I hope it just all falls into place for him .
So as I write this he is downstairs finishing of his registration and other little bits for college . Tomorrow we have to bring him down to get all his stuff into his apartment, the jeep is fully loaded and as the Mam I want to be sure he has everything he might need. He will be back down again on Wednesday and that will be his first night of his new adventure . As he has to be in college again on Friday R is going to stay down and ease himself into staying away from home because next Monday it will be for the full week .

So this will be,I guess, my last peaceful as such weekend because between uniform and clothes washing , a day of lessons , food shopping and baking bread which has been ordered for R for his college week I won’t have five minutes to look around . It feels strange that my eldest is ready to leave home while the other is in Playschool .