I Haven’t Forgotten About My Blog .

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Hi everyone *waves* , I haven’t forgotten about my blog its just there seems to be no time . As I think I told everyone I had the pain of going back to college in March and of course I thought I would be able to do it all but no I wasnt able . This blog started to be left out and everyone knows I love blogging so I missed being here a lot so after watching some Youtube vlogs and after thinking about vlogging for a while before it seemed like the right time for me to start .  I could still blog just with the camera on my phone rather than the computer which was then and still is taken up with college assignments .

I am still busy with college and won’t be finished till January but at least then in the evenings I will have time to write some posts because I won’t have study and the computer wont be busy with assignments . While I love vlogging I have to admit I do miss writing my posts all about the farm and what is going on at the minute . I try to vlog most days and show what I am at all day so come over and see what I am up to when I am not here .

The farmers are all gone big the eldest one is going into second year in college, the middle one is starting fifth year and the littlest one is starting school on Thursday !!!! . We are planning a wedding for August next year and we are trying to decorate the house at the minute before I am back to school for another year . The summer has gone by so fast and I very seldom get near the farm any more because any time I have I have to study for bloody college but all the sheep and bulls are still there we haven’t changed any of it only grown it a little this year.

I will try to post a little more here and upload more of the vlogs here as well so you can all see what I am up to  . Here is today’s vlog :).


A Fresh Arrival.

Here I was hoping it would be just a once over of the girls , no one lambing and in the bed before eleven . Why did I think that :). One of our old ewes , we call her blonde was off a supper time and she has now popped out the first of her lambs . She lambs sitting up all the time it’s very unusual to watch. So now we are inside getting a coffee before we go back out to see her lamb her second one .

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The Flu Won This Time.

I am not a fan of the doctors and will try and wait to see if I can get better on my own before I will go . This time that was not to be , the flu won and off to the doctors I went today. For the last two weeks I have had a sore throat, runny nose and cough which I tried the usual over the counter remedies for but they didn’t help.
Saturday I found hard going , I just had no energy and was so tired. Then yesterday I was coughing so hard I made myself throw up so off to the doctor I had to go because it was worse I was getting not better. School today was hard between coughing and having no energy the day just seemed so long.
This afternoon then I went to the doctor , it was so crowded , so many people coughing and sneezing I wonder what else I have picked up . After a lecture from the doctor about not coming in sooner ,like a week ago , he gave me tablets for a sinus and chest infection and told me I was to rest or it wouldn’t matter what tablets I was on they won’t make me better.
So with a cert gotten for three days off school and the first of my tablets taken I will be heading to my bed early for some rest . This will be a whole new thing for me 🙂 .