He is a little man now.


The day arrived when the youngest of the farmers headed off to big school , where does all the time go !!? . It seems like no length ago he was only a baby and then a toddler but they the time just seemed to speed up and now when I look at him I see a little man looking back at me not a little boy anymore .

He started his big school on Thursday and we had no tears thank God  , we were there early and all the parents went into their new class and got settled . The littlest farmer was happy enough to sit at his desk and his teacher gave him some blocks to play with  . He knows a couple of the boys in his class so at least that made it easier on him for his first day . He was finished at 12 and I treated him to Mc Donalds for his lunch for his first day in school .

The second morning which was Friday I did nearly have tears because I didn’t get to stay as long with him as the first day because I had to go to school to welcome my new kids to their class . He was ok going in but when he sat down and I had to go he wanted to know could some of the other teachers not take my kids and I could stay in school with him . His eyes filled up when I told him I had to go but no tears came so I hope he is ok tomorrow because the farmer has to bring him because I am back to school full time again with my 7.00am start  .

This morning just to make me feel worse about how fast he is growing up he lost his first tooth  , his first baby tooth , he is only four !! . He was so cool about it  , it fell out early this morning and he said he just took it out and left it on his bookbeside hsi bed and he thought no more about it  . When the farmer came in after checking all the stock he noticed the gap and when we asked he just said that fell out its upstairs  , no excitement or nothing arent boys funny creatures :).

The whole house is nearly gone back to school after our summer off , the middle little farmer went back on Thursday as well he went into fifth year  . The eldest little farmer is starting his second year of his Agriculture science course on the 8th September so he will be gone next weekend and I am back to school again tomorrow so the farmer will have to house to himself again in the mornings at least .

Did any of your little ones start school ? How did it go ? well I hope  .



I Dusted Off The Camera Today.

At last I took my two cameras back out of retirement , well one got a quick dispatch back to retirement. I first bought a Fuji Finepix S9600 which at the time I saved for nearly a year to buy then I went and saved another year or more and bought myself a Canon 450D which at this stage is an old model but one I love.

Today they were both taken out covered a little in dust , batteries found for the Fuji and they were both brought up the yard with me this morning. I love taking photos and have done since I was a teenager but as the last few years turned very busy my love went by the wayside and the dust started to gather. Today however they were both used again. The Fuji didn’t last long because it is just to slow you put your finger on the button and for a sec nothing happens which is not great with animals but it does take nice clear photos but my true love is the canon I have two lenses for it and have always said I will eventually get a macro lense for it .

I had forgotten how hard it is to take photos and when you love to take pictures of horses that makes it all the harder. Here are some of the ones I took today sorry they are a little rough around the edges :).

jan 2014 fuji 001


jan 2014 fuji 011


Three is all I could upload because WordPress decided to be sooooo slow , these three have taken forty minutes to upload !!! For tomorrows Silent Sunday will try upload the rest and some I took on my phone as well .

How Many New Arrivals .

20140110-075004 p.m..jpg

The littlest farmer came to school with me today because the ewes were due to be scanned at the same time he is finished in school. I was hoping the scanning man would have been there a little later so we wouldn’t miss the girls getting scanned. Again we had gotten home from school  , the littlest farmer had eaten the lovely dinner he was sent home with and I had the chicken stew made and put in the oven we were to late he had finished. We met him leaving the farm just as we drove in. I even went over in my work uniform , don’t tell the boss , in the hope we would be one time.

It probably sounds strange , why would I want to watch them being scanned that much ? Sure couldn’t the farmers tell me what way it went ? but that’s not the same. We are only building up our flock and because we don’t have big numbers we can still pick out ewes by how they look . About twenty have names and I could tell you how many lambs they have had the last two winters . This is why I love being there to see our characters getting scanned and seeing first hand how many they are having.

Today that was not to be but I knew when we got out of the car by the raised voices and tone of the farmer and eldest farmers voices that the girls had done good for us again this year. Three of our old ewes didn’t go in lamb , one was a poor ewe crows attacked last year and she is blind now and the other two were our ringed womb ewes from last year , all our hoggets are in lamb and all our ewe lambs except one are in lamb . We have ten sets of triplets this year so there will be a few more pets than last year maybe. The farmer started to cross foster some last year and it was a huge success so if they lamb at the right time maybe these will be cross fostered as well. We have three old ewes they were our very first ones and real characters are all in lamb but one of them who always has given us a set of triplets is only having a single this year , she is taking a handy lambing this year . Our scanning rate is 1.76 this year which we are delighted :).

So now to keep the girls healthy , fed well but not to well and maybe a little spoilt till the first of our new arrivals come early in March.

I Love A Good Coffee Cake.

There is just something nice about a coffee cake , one that’s nice and moist with lots of coffee buttercream filling that when you bite into it, it oozes out the sides of the cake. What I love even more are cakes that are no fuss to bake. Ones that are not fussy , have lots of complicated ingredients which less face it most of us mere food mortals wont have a supply of and the be honest probably haven’t even heard of and ones that can be put into the mixer all at the same time . A lazy mans type of baking :).


So today was one of those days when I wanted some easy baking . I went to my tried , trusted and well used sponge cake recipe . It’s Nigella Lawson’s recipe and it has yet to let me down.

20140103-083624 p.m..jpg
When I use this I don’t use the cornflour and today I left out the milk instead I added about eight tablespoons of coffee from our new Dolce Gusto . I love this recipe because I can throw all the ingredients into the mixer at the same time pour it out then into the round tins and straight into the oven .

20140103-083932 p.m..jpg
When it was baked I left it to cool and filled the middle with a coffee buttercream icing and put some icing sugar on the top to make it look pretty .
This is the first time I tried freshly brewed coffee and while it does have a coffee taste it’s not very strong but as I type I am here eating a larger slice than I should and it tastes really nice 🙂

20140103-084319 p.m..jpg

My Stats For 2013.


Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 24,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thank you everyone who has read my blog this year and joined us in our life on the farm. I hope you all have a wonderful 2014 and continue to enjoy my blog 🙂

Happy New Year .