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The littlest Farmers Mid Term.

20140218-073803 p.m..jpg
Today was the first day of his mid term from school . He came to school with me this morning and will be for the rest of the week . He had great fun today outside with all the kids . On the way home he asked to go to the beach and I was about to say no but didn’t because the day was so nice and come March my free time just for him will be scarce .
So after our lunch, a quick change of clothes and a little house tidy we went down to the beach .

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On the walk down to the beach he kept saying ‘My love this beach ‘ . With all the bad weather we have had some of the walk was to slippery to go down so today we had to climb down the rocks to get to the beach which he thought was just great .

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Then of course we had to throw some stones and splash in the water . It was so nice down there today and they was a good few people making the most of the fine day .

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