Start Of The Silage Season.

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Monday Baking.

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The littlest farmer loves to bake and he loves the lazy cakes and buns that come in a box . These cakes suit me down to the ground at the minute as they only take a few minutes to make .
They don’t taste exactly like a made from scratch ones but I have found the Betty Crocker ones are the best and some taste really good.
Last week the littlest farmer picked sunny lemon cupcakes these were ok but the lemon flavour was a little fake but as you can guess there was none thrown out .
This week he picked chocolate orange swirl cake which we made this evening as the dinner was cooking . It is one I will be making again it looks very cool and it doesn’t taste to bad either :).

20140224-091327 p.m..jpg

I Need This Now.

Last August I was fed up of feeling crap and not loosing those few extra pounds that had crept up from somewhere. So I tried Herbalife , I was really interested to see how they would work and how I would feel on them. I had at that stage tried both Weight Watchers and Unislim and yes while they did work and I lost huge amounts of weight I felt even worse on them than I did eating normal food.

While I used Weight Watchers and Unislim I was always hungry , tired , cold , had terrible cravings and just felt really not my self . When I started my Herbalife shakes in August I was already convinced these would be exactly the same , how wrong was I . I started on one shake a day for a week then moved to two shakes a day for a month, these replaced two of my meals each day so for me I chose breakfast and lunch and still had the same dinner as the farmers in the evening. Over the month I only lost a couple of pounds in weight but I lost 14inches over my body which is a lot in your clothes. I also felt great , lots of energy I was able to get up at 5.30 go for a walk/jog and still work on the farm and not feel tired. I had no cravings for junk and after a week or two I even started to crave my shakes. I was eating loads of fruit , drinking loads of water and feeling great .

Then I got lazy and got out of my routine , I felt fine for a while but now I am back to feeling crap , tired , worn out and just not myself . So as of today I am back on my shakes , the first time was to feel better in my clothes but this time it is just to feel better because I have had enough of feeling this way and I want my energy back. My shake this evening had strawberries , blueberries , vanilla soya yoghurt and milk and it was sooooo nice , looking forward to feeling good again.

I Love A Good Coffee Cake.

There is just something nice about a coffee cake , one that’s nice and moist with lots of coffee buttercream filling that when you bite into it, it oozes out the sides of the cake. What I love even more are cakes that are no fuss to bake. Ones that are not fussy , have lots of complicated ingredients which less face it most of us mere food mortals wont have a supply of and the be honest probably haven’t even heard of and ones that can be put into the mixer all at the same time . A lazy mans type of bakingย :).


So today was one of those days when I wanted some easy baking . I went to my tried , trusted and well used sponge cake recipe . It’s Nigella Lawson’s recipe and it has yet to let me down.

20140103-083624 p.m..jpg
When I use this I don’t use the cornflour and today I left out the milk instead I added about eight tablespoons of coffee from our new Dolce Gusto . I love this recipe because I can throw all the ingredients into the mixer at the same time pour it out then into the round tins and straight into the oven .

20140103-083932 p.m..jpg
When it was baked I left it to cool and filled the middle with a coffee buttercream icing and put some icing sugar on the top to make it look pretty .
This is the first time I tried freshly brewed coffee and while it does have a coffee taste it’s not very strong but as I type I am here eating a larger slice than I should and it tastes really nice ๐Ÿ™‚

20140103-084319 p.m..jpg

Gentle Ginger Cake.

I haven’t baked anything in ages because I haven’t had the time to. Today when I was on what seems like my daily milk run to the shop I spotted this cake mix and decided to make the time this evening to try it. Cake mixes can be so handy when you are short on time but a nice one can be hard to find.

20131118-082534 p.m..jpg
I have tried numerous cake mixes before some which are really tasty like Betty Crockers Devils Food Cake it is heavenly and I have tried some that just taste like the cardboard they come in. What drew me to this one was the Ginger and the fact that it has spelt flour in it which I have never used to bake. The packet of cake mix was โ‚ฌ2 and all I had to add was two eggs and 115g butter so it’s not an expensive mix.

20131118-083433 p.m..jpg
So I put the eggs and butter in my mixer and mixed for the two minutes they say then slowly added the flour . The smell was lovely , a nice strong ginger smell . I then mixed it all for the four minutes they say and put it into a lined baking tray.

20131118-083632 p.m..jpg

20131118-083644 p.m..jpg

20131118-083653 p.m..jpg
Then I placed it into a pre heated oven gas 4 for the forty minutes and it came out lovely and even . It didn’t rise that much but I would say my tray was a little long . I got the twenty squares out of the tray , they are sweet,slightly sticky and very , very tasty . The littlest farmer was in bed when they were ready so he will be the final judge but I am off now to have a second one with my coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ .