I Braved The Camera And Started My Video Blog.

So a video blog is normally called a vlog and I have been thinking for ages about starting one. I posted one video well over a year ago now and that was as far as I went . The time was never right , it was always easier to write my blog posts rather than film them and really in all fairness who wants to listen to me for ten minutes talk about my day to day happenings.

Now that I don’t have the time to sit and write my blog posts due to my life being completely mental at the minute , the idea of my own vlog started to surface again. Now I am not good with a camera, you have all been warned and today I was playing around with the video app I have and I will possibly be sideways for some of the vlog but please be kind I am a complete beginner to all things vlogging and video related.

Due to my huge lack of experience with all things youtube I had to ask the middle farmer for some help on Sunday night when I posted the first video. Today when he was home from school he asked me how many views I had had on last nights sheep shed vlog and on my first one , the answer was nine in total , he was shocked and when he said sure you have loads of followers on Twitter and Facebook and on the Blog he was even more shocked when I told him I hadn’t told you guys about it . He wanted to know why and when I thought about it most of the reason was embarrassment about it being me on the video and not sitting down to write the post.

I know that probably seems stupid because I tell you guys everything with great honesty and bluntness but the thought of you guys seeing me was/is very daunting. It was like starting this blog all over again , it took me a year of talking and reading about blogging and then a month of putting it off before I ran out of excuses and hit publish on my first post and I have loved every minute of it since.

I can guarantee that these first videos will be rough and ready as will I ,but I can also guarantee what you see is what you get . There wont be make up , special lighting or anything staged to make it all look perfect it will be rough and raw just like real life. So after a telling off from the middle little farmer here is my youtube channel and yesterdays and today’s vlog posts . I am saying sorry now for the very unsteady and sideways video and it being very fuzzy but I PROMISE I will get better :).


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