It’s Springtime.

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It’s here again , the madness that is springtime on our little farm only this year there is a few extras thrown in to add to the madness. Last year I was at home all the time to help with the lambing this year I am working in the mornings and last year I hadn’t started college .
It’s always a busy time on any farm when all the spring arrivals happen but when you add a few extras there just seems to be no time at all . My days are really long at the minute , starting at 5.30 am and finishing with the late ewe check at 11pm , by that time my whole body is tired. I love my teaching in the morning but I find I am wondering what is going on at home and who is lambing and was it a smooth birth .

20140321-083051 a.m..jpg
When I was told I had to go back to college till end of October I thought it won’t be to bad but bloody hell after the first weekend workshop there is just so much to get through to have it all done that I am trying to study 8pm till 11pm at night , that’s tough going . I know when the lambing is over it will be easier to fit it all in but at the minute it’s tough.

20140321-083401 a.m..jpg
These are the reasons I haven’t had time to blog and god I miss it , I miss sharing our lambing and what we are up to but I just can’t fit it in at the minute.
We are half way through our lambing season and so far the girls have been good to us we have three pets which were all triplets . Most of our old girls have lambed and are gone out to a field of really good grass this year and are milking well on just the grass no meal. They would give a dairy cow a run for its money ๐Ÿ™‚ . The weather this spring has been kinder on the lambs and the ewes and not having to feed meal this year is a huge saving.
Our next lambing challenge is our ewe lambs they are to start lambing any day . We are hoping to not have much trouble with them but being ewe lambs you just never know .
So you can see we are mental busy but I will try blog as much as I can because I miss it a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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