Rain, Sheep and a Swollen Leg.

Today was one if those days where two days work needed to be done in the one day. A day that when you sit down in the evening and your legs start to tingle , like mine are now . When I got home for work at lunch we decided we would move 29 ewe lambs to grazing we got closer to home , it was a job for Friday but because myself and the eldest farmer are in Dublin on Friday it ment it was today or next week.
Of course again I had changed clothes , got wet gear for the littlest farmer, had my lunch and cleaned up and fed the pet lamb it was raining. It rained to whole time while the farmer sorted the ewes from the ewe lambs and I did the gate and It rained while we loaded and unloaded the sheep . We were soaked and I have no wet gear only a good coat which kept my top half dry . When I had to hold the ewe lambs in the trailer for about a minute my legs soaked in water like a sponge , jodhpurs are not water proof .
After we had done the ewes I had to go to the shop so all my wettings dried out again which I know I will pay for because I am smothering as it is and when I came home I had to walk my mare .
My lovely pregnant mare has arthritis in her hocks which while she was in work was fine just some stiffness at times but now since she is in foal and getting no work she has had two flare ups . It has flared up again leaving her leg swollen up like a balloon well above and below her hock. So out we had to go in all the rain and walk ,me and her around the sand arena in the spills of rain , her leg was half the size when she went back in thank god. I will have to see can I find something I can give her to keep these flare ups under control till she foals .
So today was one of those days where you get two days work done in one, your body aches but you really enjoy your sit down in the evening. It wasn’t all work we had this little messer to keep us laughing :).

20140205-081048 p.m..jpg


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