Quick Book Review, The Herbalist.

20140123-075007 p.m..jpg
Last year I was sent this book by Irish Country Living to do a short review on it. I think it was one of the best books I read in 2013.
The Herbalist is set in an Irish Country town in the 1930’s , Niamh writes about the town in such a way you can nearly see , hear and touch both the town and the characters she writes in such an easy and clear way. It is a typical Irish town where everyone knows everyone else and also everyone’s business . A lot of the local gossip happens in the local shop which is run by Carmel and her husband . We follow their story of drink, hardship , depression and something stronger. They are a couple that will stay with you long after you have finished reading the book.
The routine of the town is broken when The Herbalist comes with his potions . He has almost instantly all the women under his spell but he hides a dark unspoken secret that a young local girl soon finds out . Emily is one of the many women under the herbalists spell but she gets closer to him than the rest ,when you get that close you get to see all his faults .
This probably the first book I have given to five people all different ages who have all said they loved it and it is one that I know I will read again . It is a really , really good read 🙂


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