Feeling Feminine .

Feminine is a hard way to be when you do any work on a farm. There is nothing feminine about carrying tack, feeding lambs , helping with lambing, walking/kneeling in at times horse,sheep or bull poop or pee , helping with sheep or bulls. So to help me feel a little bit feminine I love getting my nails done . I used to always get the acrylic nails done and then I started to paint them myself . I found painting them only lasted at the most a day or two because no matter what you use it chips. So I went back to my acrylic ones again a month ago and I love them.
They are so easy to keep and very hard to break but I do keep them very short . It’s nice when you are covered in muck and poop or when you have gotten a lump of new born lamb slime to the side of the head as the farmer swings a lamb that at least your nails don’t look as rough as the rest if you does in that moment 🙂 .

20140120-080145 p.m..jpg


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