I Need This Now.

Last August I was fed up of feeling crap and not loosing those few extra pounds that had crept up from somewhere. So I tried Herbalife , I was really interested to see how they would work and how I would feel on them. I had at that stage tried both Weight Watchers and Unislim and yes while they did work and I lost huge amounts of weight I felt even worse on them than I did eating normal food.

While I used Weight Watchers and Unislim I was always hungry , tired , cold , had terrible cravings and just felt really not my self . When I started my Herbalife shakes in August I was already convinced these would be exactly the same , how wrong was I . I started on one shake a day for a week then moved to two shakes a day for a month, these replaced two of my meals each day so for me I chose breakfast and lunch and still had the same dinner as the farmers in the evening. Over the month I only lost a couple of pounds in weight but I lost 14inches over my body which is a lot in your clothes. I also felt great , lots of energy I was able to get up at 5.30 go for a walk/jog and still work on the farm and not feel tired. I had no cravings for junk and after a week or two I even started to crave my shakes. I was eating loads of fruit , drinking loads of water and feeling great .

Then I got lazy and got out of my routine , I felt fine for a while but now I am back to feeling crap , tired , worn out and just not myself . So as of today I am back on my shakes , the first time was to feel better in my clothes but this time it is just to feel better because I have had enough of feeling this way and I want my energy back. My shake this evening had strawberries , blueberries , vanilla soya yoghurt and milk and it was sooooo nice , looking forward to feeling good again.


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