I Dusted Off The Camera Today.

At last I took my two cameras back out of retirement , well one got a quick dispatch back to retirement. I first bought a Fuji Finepix S9600 which at the time I saved for nearly a year to buy then I went and saved another year or more and bought myself a Canon 450D which at this stage is an old model but one I love.

Today they were both taken out covered a little in dust , batteries found for the Fuji and they were both brought up the yard with me this morning. I love taking photos and have done since I was a teenager but as the last few years turned very busy my love went by the wayside and the dust started to gather. Today however they were both used again. The Fuji didn’t last long because it is just to slow you put your finger on the button and for a sec nothing happens which is not great with animals but it does take nice clear photos but my true love is the canon I have two lenses for it and have always said I will eventually get a macro lense for it .

I had forgotten how hard it is to take photos and when you love to take pictures of horses that makes it all the harder. Here are some of the ones I took today sorry they are a little rough around the edges :).

jan 2014 fuji 001


jan 2014 fuji 011


Three is all I could upload because WordPress decided to be sooooo slow , these three have taken forty minutes to upload !!! For tomorrows Silent Sunday will try upload the rest and some I took on my phone as well .


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