Equality In Farming , They Have Screwed Us.

I have been having a little blogging holiday the last few weeks but have set myself a huge challenge for the new year. This however has been playing on my mind since I read back on some of my posts from last year about Women in Agriculture and my piece on Ear To The Ground. Then on Tuesday there was a piece in the Farming Independent and the final straw I was talking to another farmer and she told me some news that just made my blood boil.

Now don’t get me wrong I know we are a long way from the farming world being an equal one and to be honest I would be happy if it was even fifty percent better than it is now but when you have our Dept of Agriculture and possibly Teagasc trying to single us out we are screwed . Our Dept of Agriculture wants to give us female farmers our own Women in Agriculture section , why ?? the men don’t have one . Why can’t they just make their system easier so that both are included on herd numbers ? why cant they train their staff to not expect a farmer to be a male ? When Ear to the ground came to talk to me about being a woman in Agriculture I said it shouldn’t be women in Agriculture it should be just Agriculture to include both men and women equally !!!!. Why can’t our great Dept get this concept. I know if they start this section we will just be set back one huge step in trying to change male and female views of female farmers. I know some of our male farmers will be laughing at our own section and they will go back to looking on us as just play farming .  I can nearly hear them say ‘ good girl you go ring the women’s section in the dept while I get on with farming ‘ . Who came up with this idea ??

The last straw today was I heard there might be a possibility of Teagasc starting a new green cert for us women ???  I mean for F**k sake !!!! I didn’t get the chance to do my cert , I have no doubt I would be well able to do it along with all the men and I know LOT’S of women who have done their’s , the very same one as the men , so why have one for the men and one for the women now ?

Really if these both come into effect we as female farmers will have taken two huge steps back into the women are one side and the men are the other in Irish farming and this makes me so upset and really disappointed in they people who came up with these ideas.

Why can’t we try and make farming a level playing field ? why can’t they get female farmers who are passionate about showing how equal we can be and to encourage other females to get more active on their farms whether it is farming them or just helping out .  By giving us a Women in Agriculture section and our own green cert I feel they are just keeping female farmers further outside this very male world.


One thought on “Equality In Farming , They Have Screwed Us.

  1. Must agree. A farmer is indeed a farmer. Even though my blog is titled “Midlife Farmwife” I am as much a farmer as my husband. Some days I may be in the house more, cooking, cleaning or entering sales slips and paying bills but it all must be done in order for our farm to function.

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