He Has Decided To Call Me Elaine.

20131202-073111 p.m..jpg

This little man has decided to call me by my name . None of the others did it they always just called me ‘mam’ . I am blaming him being around when lessons are on, hearing everyone else calling me Elaine.
I love being called ‘mam , always have and am finding it just a little strange when I hear him say it. It started off just an odd time and was funny to hear him but now he calls me Elaine more than Mam.
Being called by my name makes it feel a little like he isn’t my child, that he is someone else’s that I am minding . I know that probably sounds strange but it just doesn’t sound right , I should be called Mam.
I am hoping it’s just a faze and the novelty will wear off after a while because I miss him not calling me Mam all the time :).

20131202-074501 p.m..jpg


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