In The Picture.

He is such a character 🙂 . This post is from this time last year he looks so more grown up now. This is what I love about blogging , looking back at what we have done .

My Busy Farm Life .

The littlest farmer is really turning into a little character in the last few weeks. We have hit the terrible two’s nearly three’s with style. He has such big ideas for a little man and no one will tell him any different. We have hit the stage of if I tell him cows make milk he will tell me they make water or if I tell him ‘thats a tractor ‘ he will tell me its a digger . I had forgotten about all these different stages from when the other two were small. It is hard sometimes not to start laughing when this little face looks up at you and he just looks so cross . He also has a new word which he says so clearly to say the rest of his speech is still a little slow and that’s ‘ Fuck’ . This really makes me laugh…

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