Date Night Disaster.

Date night for myself and the farmer was Friday night and I was really looking forward to it. After 19yrs the romance can get forgotten , your life and kids can take over and time to be a couple can be very limited if not forgotten altogether. So date nights are a must we have found out over our years together.

When we started the farm we kind of forgot about us and we just kept saying sure we spend all day together why go on a date night . So when I started work the farmer and myself had no excuse we are not with each other all day , only half the day now so we had no excuse.

We don’t drink and the only times we go out as a couple is to a wedding or something like that , we didn’t do dinners every weekend or go out to the pub. So last month we decided we would go on a monthly date night , a chance to get all dressed up , eat nice food and sit and chat about everything and anything but not just the farm. Our first date night was great  , lovely food and we chatted for ages . I know that probably sounds strange when we are a couple 19yrs but there is times you would have very little or nothing to talk about which I have learned over the years that is ok to but a good chat is nice.

Friday night our second date night was far from being a success . I had cramps all afternoon in my stomach but as I was due to be hormonal I was putting it down to that, how wrong was I. We got all cleaned up and headed off for our dinner and I just didn’t feel right not sick as such but just not right. In the end I ate nothing and the farmer just about finished his before we had to leave. I wasn’t home half an hour till I was as sick as a small hospital and stayed that way most of the night.

The one thing about being with someone 19yrs you don’t really have to worry about how rough you look as they have seen you just about every way imaginable or worry about the lack of food , chat or romance but I did feel bad I ruined our date night . Hope our next one is a better success or maybe we will have to scrap the date night idea :).


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