Happy Blogiversary To Me.

blog 2   Happy Blogiversary to me :). Two years, god I can not believe it’s been that long it seems to have gone by in a flash. This year my blog has been neglected some what due to not having the time to blog and I feel bad. I feel even worse when I look back over all the amazing things that happened last year and see that not nearly as much has happened this year.

I was looking back over what I hoped to do more of , what I would like to try and the thanks for all the awards and events I got to go to. On my to do list I put I would like to do more on tv because I LOVED my few minutes on Ear To The Ground and my next big thing was to do more writing and not just on the blog but none of that has happened this year . I will have to put them back on the top of my list for this next year and see can I get them done .

I still love blogging every bit as much as I did when I started it is still the best pastime I have ever had and it is also the only one I have ever kept up for so long. Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to read my little blog , I promise to step it up a gear this year, year number three :).


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