There Is Something Nice About Winter.

20131108-081542 p.m..jpg

That probably sounds a little mad that there is anything really that nice about winter . The first things that spring to mind are getting soaked in the rain and freezing your ass off outside but when I sit and think about winter there are some things I really love and here are some of them.

20131108-081753 p.m..jpg
I love looking at the littlest farmers rosy cheeks after being outside this time of the year and he has to be in the middle of every muddy puddle (peppa pigs fault ) in the whole farm.

20131108-081923 p.m..jpg
I love standing on the farm and looking out over the Irish Sea and watching how it changes with the seasons . Some days it’s a bright blue others a little darker and on its cross days it’s grey and rough. We can hear the waves breaking on the beach at times and without fail it always rains where we can here it .

20131108-082141 p.m..jpg

20131108-082159 p.m..jpg
I love the skies this time of year they can be so dramatic and beautiful with really rich colours that you just don’t see at other times of the year.

20131108-082348 p.m..jpg
When it’s dry and cold it’s nice to walk the farm , it nice to feel the cold fresh air and get a chance to wear lovely wooly hats and what’s even nicer is when you get home and the house is nice and cosy.
What are your favourite things about this time of the year ? I would love to hear about them .


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