Here Is My Replacement.

Just when I think things are going well , I have the time to go back teaching , the farm is up and running I get replaced.  To make matters worse it didn’t even take three weeks of being away and only in the mornings , I am home to do farm work in the evenings to be replaced!!!. 
I thought I couldn’t be replaced but no I can and whats worse it’s by a pup now called Ted. He is a very, very cute sheep dog pup as you can see in the picture at the bottom and the farmer and the littlest farmer are loving bringing him to the farm.
While Ted was over on Monday we let the Suffolk rams out to see their ewes . Since Monday they have covered twenty ewes, I hope we won’t have to many repeats and we will have a compact lambing. The boys were delighted to be let loose with the girls , the girls on the other hand ran in the opposite direction 🙂 . So we now need to start catching up on sleep for the start of our March lambing season.






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