We Made The Blog Awards Shortlist.



When we woke this morning the first thing I knew about being shortlisted was the farmer checking his twitter at 7am. I am delighted , honoured and proud to be shortlisted again this year in the blog awards. I really didn’t think the blog would have gotten to the shortlist stage this year because the amount and quality of the blogs this year is huge.

We are shortlisted for Best Personal Blog and my Favourite one Best Outdoors. Now all I have to do is keep my fingers and toes crossed this little blog makes the finalist list and I get to have a night out in October. The awards last year were great and a great way to meet loads of different bloggers . So much work must go into organising and judging all the blogs . Thanks to everyone who works hard for us bloggers to have a great awards .

Roll on the end of September to see if we make the finalist list and a huge , huge thanks to everyone who reads my blog and nominated it in the first place 🙂 x.


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