It Didn’t Go To Plan.




It has been one of those weeks where , yes I got lots done but very little of what I had actually planned to do. It has been a week where it has gone from being good, everything falling into place to being stressful and hard work.

I had my whole week worked out to the last detail here on Sunday night , I was going to ride horses and do all my horse related jobs on Monday , Wednesday and Friday mornings . I was free for any farm related work on those afternoons. Then on Tuesday and Thursday was going to be my house work days.

Out of my well laid plan I managed to ride horses on Wednesday morning and this morning and due to the rain here today I only got one out of three horses ridden. Monday was a complete write off my iphone died that day. Tuesday was very busy and not planned for as such , we were dipping all the sheep so no housework that day. Wednesday  then was a little better I managed to get the horses done and the middle farmer got a good result in his Junior cert exam. Yesterday then was a tough one , its hard to go back and have to consider doing stuff you thought you wouldn’t have to any more.

So yesterday late morning I was delighted when the farmer rang and asked if I wanted to go over to the farm for a while. The peace over there was lovely , no one calling me , no noise of traffic it’s a constant at our house. There was only the sound of the birds and insects as they went around the field , the wind in the trees and the sound of my boots on the grass. It was a nice few minutes to just breathe and chill and the afternoon just fell into place and today seems to be the same am getting lots done again.

This Sunday I think I will be making no plans for the week ahead and just see what falls into place because going by this week making plans for me just don’t seem to fit together :).



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