A Farm Walk.

This morning we all started early so we could be ready to leave early to head to Kilkenny to Brian and Alison Nicholson farm where they were hosting a sheep open day. They have a 108ha sheep only farm in the middle of Kilkenny and have 550 ewes and 300 replacement ewe lambs . Their farm is set in a beautiful part of the country , it’s so quiet with so many beautiful old trees and stone walls on the farm .

20130829-091704 p.m..jpg

20130829-091717 p.m..jpg
Brian is part of the Teagasc better farm scheme and because we are part of the STAP scheme there are so many meetings we have to attend each year. I missed the one a few weeks ago at John Kelly’s but today I made it to Brian’s .
These sheep open days are a great way especially for us newbies to sheep to see how others run their farms. They are a great way to see how others cope with daily problems that might crop up and what targets can be reached with the right management of your sheep enterprise .
There was so much discussed today that I will be still taking in information in a few days I would say . We covered everything from ram star ratings ,breeding , picking your replacement ewes , breeds of sheep Brian had and the reasons why , diseases sheep can get and what is the best ways to treat them , grassland and so much more .

20130829-092420 p.m..jpg

20130829-092432 p.m..jpg

20130829-092449 p.m..jpg

20130829-092455 p.m..jpg
We got to meet three of Brian’s boys up close , I like the middle ram the best . We got to see some of his ewes up close and in the distance .

20130829-092636 p.m..jpg

20130829-092651 p.m..jpg
We were shown different grass lengths and as we were going around the farmer was picking up new ideas for our farm.

20130829-092850 p.m..jpg

20130829-092858 p.m..jpg
Then to top a really interesting morning I got to catch up with my friend and fellow female sheep farmer Suzanna Crampton , the two most stylish sheep farmers :).

20130829-093108 p.m..jpg
Open days are a great way for farmers to learn more and get ideas to improve their own farms . I hope Teagasc will run more next year because we really enjoyed today’s one .


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