The Best Diet I Have Ever Tried.

I have been so fed up in the last few months not so much with my weight more with the shape my body had gotten into. It was all over hang and spare bits. I didn’t want to start weight watchers or unislim again because lets face it they do work but you starve to death . Something needed to be done before I had to buy more new clothes and the pile that wasn’t fitting me anymore got any bigger.

When I started learning how to horse ride years ago there was another girl there who used to ride out as well , we had some great times and at times I gave her tonnes of hardship about cleaning tack and grooming ponies. Then as life takes over we lost touch with each other until I found her on Facebook . She had started a new business a few years ago called Verve Wellness and I enjoyed hearing all about the different programmes and products that she did.

So a few weeks ago we made contact about their weight loss programme and I decided I would give it a go and blog about it honestly. I warned her that I would be totally honest In my posts and that nothing would be hidden both good and bad would be told. So here I am two and a half weeks later after following her plan and I was weighed and measured this evening and while I have only lost 1lb in weight I have lost 14 inches in fat off my body.

So how did I do it ???? I started Herbalife. So what did I have to do ? for the first week I was started on one shake a day so I started mine at breakfast. I was given Formula 1 powder which I had to put two level scoops into my shake. I also put in low fat yoghurt , fruit and milk. I had heard horror stories about getting terrible withdrawal symptoms , headaches , feeling cold , the shakes and stomach cramps so I was a little wary at first. As I am active all day I was also given extra protein powder to put in my shake to keep me fuller for longer but to be honest I haven’t used it this week and I am still full. So one shake a day for a week and try and watch what you eat the rest of the day but if I wanted something I ate it .

So after the first week of one shake I went onto two shakes a day so for me it suits at breakfast and lunch . The shakes are made the same way each time but you change your yoghurt choice and fruit so you don’t get a pain in your face eating the same thing all the time. Along with your two shakes at each meal you have a multi vitamin to take , a flora fibre tablet and two fibre tablets . These are taken with a glass of water and the flora one has really helped my stomach , no heartburn or acid at all. Am I hungry ??? no more than I normally am and snacking is really good now as you get to eat high protein snacks so now at eleven rather than having three chocolate biscuits I can have a poached/ boiled egg , meat or fish. Now if I feel like a biscuit I have one instead of two .

So for my one meal I eat whatever I am making for the lads and I eat just as much as I did before. I think this has to be the healthiest diet I have ever tried. I am eating so much better with the shakes , I have never had so much fruit and yoghurts or ever taken multi vitamins or drank as much water. I have had no mental cravings like you get on unislim or weight watchers for the simple reason I can still have what I want so you don’t feel you are missing out . This is a diet though that focuses more on body shape and health than how heavy you are so to do this you would need to not focus on how heavy you are and more about how your body shape changes which in turn will effect your weight. I have also gone back walking/running twice a week but no enough to get the results I did today.

The one down side and it is the only one is the price , it would cost between one hundred and one fifty per month that’s for all your powders and tablets but that is also two meals a day for the month but if you wanted to feel really good , have better skin , more energy and lose inches this is the one to do . I have done the others and they make you feel like crap , hungry , cranky , tired and sick well not once yet have I felt any of these things.

So due to the cost I am just doing my vitamins and fibre with each meal and my formula 1 shake powder twice a day from now on but not for anything if I can at all manage it would I give this up for how much healthier I feel alone its great. So here are all my weights and measurements from the first week and then again from today , 1lb lighter and 14 inches narrower so for me Herbalife is my new diet.

Please ask me anything you want to know ??? will answer all your questions honestly because there are some really bad stories out there about it but for me it has been nothing but good so far.

20130823-101715 p.m..jpg


One thought on “The Best Diet I Have Ever Tried.

  1. Interesting idea – I guess the goal is to get you thinking about eating mroe healthily for life, rather than a quick fix. There’s an interesting book called Fat Around the Middle that covers similar ground – you might find it interesting.

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