Dream Job.

Everyone must have their dream job ? One that you would love to do but can’t either because you don’t have the required talent or skills or have never been given the chance or never in the right place at the right time. A job that you could sit and day dream about, what you would do , where you would live , how you would dress and how you would spend your days.

Well ages ago now I watched a programme about people doing their dream jobs. One was a fashion designer who was only recently discovered and now had her dream job. So as the programme went on it got me thinking about what my dream job would be, those totally unrealistic or ever likely to happen jobs would be.

My first choice would be a professional dressage rider. I would have a state of the art yard with only the top horses, a head groom and yard staff . I would ride most mornings and compete all over the world at all the top shows. When the dressage season was quiet I would give private lessons for a ridiculous amount of money and relax at a holiday home in France.

My second choice would be a celebrity , now I am not talking just famous here in Ireland I am talking world wide . Being a celebrity looks one of the least enjoyable jobs you never have a minute to yourself but I would still like it. I would be a new type of celeb they would just have to take me as I am. My guilty celeb pleasure is the Kardashians , I LOVE watching them these are the kind of celebs I would like to be . I would have a stylist , makeup artist and personal trainer but would draw the line at botox :).

My third choice is a writer possibly of fiction . I would have a house right on the beach where I would go to write . I would travel the world researching my latest book . My days would be spend lost in the new fiction world I was creating and fall in love with all my new characters. In the end Hollywood would buy one of them and turn it into a million euro movie where I would get to play one of the characters .

So there are my dream jobs ,what are yours? I would love to hear.

I am off now to practice my dressage moves , posing in really large sunglasses and looking up the property pages for a cottage by the sea :).


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