I Have Lost My Place On The Farm.

With the two older farmers off from school I have lost my place on the farm. Now if you were to tell me this during the height of the lambing I would have jumped at the chance to have a little farm break. Now when I have one as such I feel a little left out .
When the boys are in school all the work is divided as such between me at the farmer but now the boys are off there is more hands than work. So I find myself doing the runs to co ops, factories and tyre shop or standing around nearly in the way while they do Sheep feet or fencing or bulls. I still do the morning and most evening bull/ calves feeds and sheep checks but the rest has been taken by the boys.
It is great that the boys have such an interest and without them we would be lost , they are great boys to work and never complain. This free time does give me a chance to focus more on my horses but I never thought I would miss the farming , the good days and the leave your feelings at the gate days :).
It’s funny how something I swore I would never do is in the last year really starting to get under my skin . If I am honest it won’t ever hold the same love I have for my horses but it will I feel come a very, very close second . So now to settle myself into my new summer routine , where I get to watch all my farmers do what they do best and get a little rest before one goes back to school and the other fingers crossed to college .
Here are two video clips of today one is an Irish countryside traffic jam I came across on one of my many trips in the jeep today . The other is over the eldest little farmer who will be 18 yrs tomorrow mowing our second round of hayledge .


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