Our First Department Sheep Inspection.

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We have had our first Department of Agriculture sheep inspection today and thankfully it went really well. I suppose being new to sheep ment we couldn’t have gotten into to much trouble since the start of 2011.

I spend all day yesterday worried about what we would be asked and what we had wrong out of just not knowing. I woke early this morning and it was the first thing on my mind that the inspector was to be here at eleven. One of our main worries was sheep tags and only because we didn’t really understand the tag system or we thought we didn’t but actually we were ok.

Our inspector arrived on time and asked to check all the sheep first before we did the paper work. He checked the few ewes that are here at the house and wrote down all their tag numbers then we headed for the farm. He used the info we had supplied on the census and any dispatch documents that related to our herd number to check if what we were telling him was actually what we had on the farm.

All our sheep were in so he checked every ewe had the correct tag that they should have and thank god ours were ok , then he wrote down half of the ewes tag numbers for checking later. At last the whole tag confusion has been cleared up for us. All ewes/rams you are keeping or buying in born since January 2010 have to have an EID and all sheep older than that that you have need to have their old tags removed and new EID’s got for them, the new tag numbers written into your flock register beside their old tag number. If one of your sheep lose an EID you have to order a replacement which comes in a different colour to show it’s a replacement and any bound for the factory or mart need to have a single yellow mart tag in the left ear this will change in time that these will all need to be EID’s as well.

When we came back from the farm we went through the flock register and the dispatch documents to make sure all the tag numbers he had written down matched what I had written into to flock register and that our dispatch documents matched what I had also written into the flock register.

Then just as quick as he had arrived he was gone and we passed with no penalties this time, all the worry for nothing and at last I understand the tag system. Wonder what the next one will be ? :).


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