I Need To Do Some Catching Up.

You know what the worst thing I have done in ages is ?? take a break from blogging after my April challenge because May has been a disaster. See , when I was blogging everyday I had my days organised so that I had one post done everyday, that ment everything else in the day had to be fitted in. Since I have stopped it has been a disaster , getting nothing done really and still being busy.

I have been feeling rough the last few days so maybe that is making things seem worse maybe than they are but we seem to be in a circle of one disaster after another this last week. We had to get the vet last Sunday for one of our big bulls and of course that happened the morning I was heading to Kilkenny and the farmers all had man flu. Thankfully the bull has made a full recovery and is enjoying being spoilt rotten as all men love when they are sick .Then I was stupid enough to say I escaped the flu only to bloody well go and catch it. I would normally never lose my voice but it has now turned into a strange high pitched sound a little like a teenagers voice when it breaks. To really help my voice and throat get better I got soaked to my bones teaching on Tuesday night , gave lessons in the wind on Thursday which involved a lot of shouting and then a full days lessons on Saturday just to really make it good. I was going to hand in a sick cert to the horses but they wouldn’t accept it :).

Then to just make a shit week more shit two close friends have made me question the people I am friends with. It just keep getting better. So I reckon it’s all because I stopped blogging as often, so that’s it , back to my routine , a post most days no excuses till I get back into a routine and catch up on all the things I should be doing instead of stressing about other people . Enough not sleeping waking up worrying about everything else , time to sleep and get stuff done during the day instead.


8 thoughts on “I Need To Do Some Catching Up.

  1. I don’t blog daily but bout three times a week and when I get off schedule my world tilts sideways as well. So best of luck getting on track. Now about that throat I suggest local honey mixed in a shot of Jamison. Has always worked for me! (Even when I don’t have a sore throat!)

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