Bank Holiday Sheep.

While most people spend their Bank holiday weekends relaxing and enjoying family time , that wasn’t the case completely in our house. We did spend time together as a family , in fact we spend all afternoon and into the evening together but we were working at sheep. Over the last two weeks our ewes had started to get stuck on their backs with their big fleeces of wool, this can be fatal for a sheep . We were lucky they survived but before we got to them in the morning the crows had picked their eyes , picking them out of one ewe and damaging both eyes on the other. It is a rough sight to see one of your poor ewes with eyes missing , we put an antibiotic into their eyes and they healed but they are both blind . We are now hoping they will be able to cope in the herd , so far so good.
So the getting stuck on their backs was the driving reason to get the girls sheared ,that and the weather has at last started to get that bit warmer so they can go without their woolie jumpers. The boys were off from school so it was the ideal day to get all jobs with the sheep done because the yard is not set up yet to handle sheep getting it ready is a days work in itself which the farmer had done.The boys and the farmer brought the sheep in one ewe missing her eyes found this a little hard but she got there. When we had them all in it was a great time to get lots of jobs done at once. I was on dosing and injecting all ewes and lambs, the farmer was on feet, PJ was shearing and the little farmers were on catching duties one for ewes and one for lambs. We had a real little production line going :).
Monday gave us a great chance to get lots of jobs done and yet spend time together as a family . I know that might sound like a crap way to spend time as a family by having to work hard but it’s really not that bad. Where else do you get to spend lots of time with your teenage boys , chat in between sheep and just have a little time with them. The littlest farmer of course was there because he really is the only real farmer out of all of us and he thinks he runs the whole show.
Here are some photos from our afternoons shearing 🙂

20130508-090459 p.m..jpg

20130508-090517 p.m..jpg

20130508-090531 p.m..jpg

20130508-090555 p.m..jpg

20130508-090609 p.m..jpg

20130508-090636 p.m..jpg

20130508-090648 p.m..jpg

20130508-090658 p.m..jpg

20130508-090729 p.m..jpg


One thought on “Bank Holiday Sheep.

  1. Damn crows! I used to find their cawing a magical sound whenever I would visit Ireland. Now I know better. And we too get in some of best time as a family doing things together like castrating piglets.

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