Another First For Our Farm.

I had forgotten what it was like to have a Sunday off , it feels like forever since we got to relax and take it easy on a Sunday. There seems to have been something on every Sunday for months and the coming month is just as bad. I have a farmerette’s tweet up in Kilkenny , a dressage comp to organise for the riding school , a family dinner to celebrate the farmers birthday over a month later and a hair appointment, its a year since it has been cut .

After the week we had on the farm and with Farmers unite keeping me up well past my usual bed time it has just been nice to get the weekly food shop done this morning after the farm work was done , get a chance to go for coffee with the farmer and not be under pressure for time, get to sit and enjoy my lunch again without having to watch the time then after lunch we went for a visit to Waterfall Farm near Powerscourt waterfall. Hannah and her husband Micheal run the farm and farm shop and Hannah is one of the many farmerette’s coming to our tweet up . It was lovely to meet her before the tweet up and have a look around their pet lambs, goats, hens and farm shop. I am already stressing about the tweet up because the radio and paper are to be there , talk about pressure , well for me anyway can’t speak for the other farmerette’s .

What also made today so nice to have off was on Thursday we had our first Bord Bia inspection and passed with a score of 100%, 98% and 93% , yeah go us :). Myself and the farmer spent the whole week sweeping and tidying , checking and double checking and even triple checking we hadn’t forgotten anything and that we had what we were suppose to . All this added extra time onto an already busy week . The farm was never before Bord Bia approved so it’s another first for our little farm in the few short years we are farming.

Also this week Farmers unite has been keeping me busy till some nights 12.30 am and is going well but the late to bed and early up is telling on me . The new blog for it will be ready tomorrow morning and we have the voluntary services for all farmers of a animal nutritionist , Financial advisor and a grassland expert . Hope farmers will use it now and enjoy reading it .

So you can see some of the reason now why having today off is so nice for us , if I was to tell you all that happened on the farm in a week you would be reading for hours . I was asked the other day by a person who wouldn’t know what kind of time a farm takes up ‘what exactly did I do all day ? ‘ so I told her someday I would blog a full day with a farmerette :).

Did you have a relaxing Sunday or was it a busy one for you ?


2 thoughts on “Another First For Our Farm.

  1. I am taking a short bread to co.wicklw soon to relive some childhood memories! Powerscourt waterfall is high on the list – but waterfall farm now sounds like a must visit too 🙂

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