The Littlest Farmers First School Tour.

On Wednesday I escaped from the yard to go on the littlest farmers first ever school tour. He was so excited I got to go to school with him , I can imagine the fun I will have explaining to him I won’t be going on Monday.

His playschool organised a nature walk in a local forest which was really lovely and so close to us. Then back to a playground for their picnic and a play on the swings and climbing frames. It was very interesting to watch the littlest farmer with the other kids he goes to school with. When he is here he is all chat and anyone who knows him he is not very shy, but in his school group he is very different. He stands and watches all the other kids play , he stands back at the climbing frame and lets other kids take his turn and he is very quiet.

I was blaming me being there for him being quiet but his teacher said he is the same in school , quiet but takes everything in. The rest of the kids ran around the woods in groups with parents trying to keep track of them while the littlest farmer stayed with me. The kids and parents were asked to pick up things as we went around like flowers and leaves , so we did. When we came back we had flowers , pine cones , ferns and wild garlic , we were to only ones . None of the other parents really bothered to show their kids what was in the forest ,all the interesting things to see.

This is where my parenting question comes in should I have encouraged/ pushed the littlest farmer to run around like a mad thing and miss the whole reason for going to the forest in the first place or is it the teacher in me that wanted him to enjoy his trip and do what he wanted which was to stay with me and see how much things he could find ??

When it was time to head home I brought him down to the beach for a few minutes to throw some stones as it was a lovely warm sunny day and then we headed home. I loved having the time to spend the whole morning with him because my time is always so scarce that him having my undivided attention was good for him and me .

Here are some photos from our first school tour together .

20130426-095519 p.m..jpg

20130426-095532 p.m..jpg

20130426-095555 p.m..jpg

20130426-095616 p.m..jpg

20130426-095634 p.m..jpg

20130426-095648 p.m..jpg

20130426-095701 p.m..jpg

20130426-095718 p.m..jpg

20130426-095732 p.m..jpg

20130426-095749 p.m..jpg

20130426-095800 p.m..jpg

20130426-095810 p.m..jpg

20130426-095823 p.m..jpg


2 thoughts on “The Littlest Farmers First School Tour.

  1. Ah Elaine sounds like ye had a great tour & from the look of the photos littlest farmer had a brilliant day. I am disinclined to force my children into groups if they are not anxious to leave me at a given time at that age big school will make him more used to all that. Enjoy his wanting to be with you for now as it sounds like you are. I don’t know how you fit it all in Fair play to you.I can’t even find time to tweet properly as there is usually a crisis or drama of some sort between children & animals or our broadband goes & I end up abandoning in mid convo in panic & might remember when it’s too late.

  2. I can’t speak as a parent, but I can as a creative writing tutor. Leave quiet people alone and create an atmosphere of comfort and they’ll come out in their own time. I reckon that’s what his teacher was trying to do.

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