I Tried The Aldi Challenge.

Before I start this is not a sponsored post by either Tesco or Aldi. Has everyone seen the new Aldi ad where the women are all telling us how they saved so much on their weekly shopping by switching their shop to Aldi. They claim  they save anywhere from thirty euro up to eighty euro a week on your weekly shop. I am one of these people who find these claims a little hard to believe , aren’t most places to shop around the same price ? this is what I thought .

We always shop in Tesco due mainly to the fact that in our Local town it is probably the handiest shop to get to . It is right at the top of the town and it has everything just about you could want from toys , books , stationary , food , clothes and electronic goods . This is another reason we always shop there because I never needed to go to another shop to get something they didn’t have.

Aldi on the other hand is all the way at the far side of town and they are not open 24 hrs like Tesco which when you are on the farm is really handy , some mornings I could be free to shop earlymorning or even late in the evening which is harder to do in Aldi. Another thing I was afraid of was that being cheaper than Tesco that the quality might not be as good. In Tesco I wouldn’t always buy branded products but I know now what tastes good and what tastes like cardboard .

So yesterday after seeing the ad for Aldi the last few weeks I decided to give it a try and see exactly for myself what it was like and if it really was going to work out any cheaper than my usual weekly shop. When I told the farmers I was going to try it, it was decided to give the shop a chance I would have to buy everything that I would normally get in Tesco in Aldi. I did , I got everything I would normally get except cornflakes , they had none , cottage pie mix and dishwasher tablets these I had t go to Tesco for on the way home. There was nothing else that I would normally get that Aldi didn’t have. We didn’t go for the cheapest products I just picked what I needed as I saw them and I was delighted I didn’t have a huge list of things I would have to get after in Tesco because this would have put me off Aldi.

So now the interesting bit , our weekly shop in Tesco is between 150.00 and 170.00 per week with an extra 80.00 euro during the week for extra’s like milk and bread and a few other bits to keep a house of six full . In Aldi yesterday the same shop cost me 97.25 euro and another 15.00 in Tesco on the way home . So yes by shopping in Aldi I saved roughly 50.00 euro on one weekly shop.

So all I can say is Tesco you have lost me for my big weekly shop because I need that 50.00 euro more than you do and Aldi you have one new customer as long as you keep the prices lower than Tesco and I loved that there was so much Irish produce in the shop, as a farmer this was really great to see. So far as well the fussy eaters in the house have had no complaints about the quality of the food so fingers crossed it stays that way.


2 thoughts on “I Tried The Aldi Challenge.

  1. Wholeheartedly agree. Have a couple of points to add re quality. Some of the stuff you get in Aldi and Lidl is as good as what you get in Marks & Spencer for a fraction of the price. Also, I may be buying into PR, but they’re both good at supporting Irish meat and dairy. And no, I don’t work for either. Hope you used the €50 for something nice, and/or useful.

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