Farmers Unite.

Farmers Unite came about after a discussion amongst a group of farmers on twitter Wednesday night. The subject of stress and pressure in farming and especially during this year led to farmers unite being born. We all felt it is being mentioned in the media at the minute but they are just scratching the surface and that something else needed to be done.

We wanted Farmers Unite to be a place where farmers could come to on twitter / Facebook / Website or email and talk about their pressures , share their stories , offer help and even just a listening ear to each other. So far we have our Twitter set up you can find it here @farmersuniteirl and our email is .

We are hoping over time it will be a place a lot of farmers will come to for help , support or even just to chat . As we are using social media it is an option to just come and read without having to comment so for those who maybe feel embarrassed they can still get all the info we might have.

Next we need to spread the use of twitter to the farming community so we can reach farmers with this new resource. We all know Twitter is not hard to set up or use but it is to get that information out there. So we will be asking both local and national newspapers and radio stations to help us spread the word of both Farmers unite and social media.

Please help us spread the word , farmers are not alone their are hundreds out there possibly in similar situations to the one you might find yourself in who just need someone to talk to.


3 thoughts on “Farmers Unite.

  1. This will be a great resource Elaine, you are great to take it on and organize. Will share via my channels as well. Saw Pilgrim Hill film yesterday and my heart ached for the bachelor farmer’s isolation. Be especially great if more farmers who live alone would connect via Twitter as well.

    • Thanks Imen it would be great if you woulod spread the word about farmers unite :). I would love to see it have just seen the trailer . I convinced Paul to try twitter here last Sunday and he loves it and he was completely anti twitter or any social media but now he sees just what a great outlet it can be for farmers .

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