The Depths Of A Farmerette’s Handbag.

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On Saturday we had a wet day so my lessons finished an hour earlier than normal. As I was sitting at the table my handbag was in front of me just asking me to clean it out. With my coffee beside me I braved the dark depths that is a woman’s handbag.

I was expecting it to be worse , goes to show how little I get to use my handbag on the farm :). I only found two manky tissues,three receipts and two orange tail rings for lambs everything else I need or think I need anyway.

So here it is the contents of a farmerettes handbag :

  • One yellow make up bag full with pens , pencils and colourful sharpies , I love to doodle.
  • One blogging note book to write down blog post ideas as they come to me . I have a small large note book addiction.
  • My diary where I write everything and then forget to check dates in it and miss appointments :).
  • My headphones .
  • New clarins nude lipstick.
  • Vaseline rosy lips great for all the cold weather we are getting.
  • Ralph Lauren Polo no 3 small perfume .
  • Coloured page markers , the littlest farmer loves getting these and sticking them everywhere so I have to hide them on him.
  • A national dairy council fold up shopping bag .
  • My Joules umbrella with horses jumping fences on it , had to get this last year at the Dublin horse show because the weather was so bad .
  • The booklet that came with my iphone 5 not great with tech.
  • The all important headache tablets.

So there it is the contents of my bag not very exciting really , nothing rotting or growing hair lying in the bottom of it which I thought there might have been :).

So tell me what is in yours right now ? Get a coffee or tea and have a good clean out and tell us all what you find .



3 thoughts on “The Depths Of A Farmerette’s Handbag.

  1. My handbag has always been a total mess. All the different things mixed into one big bag and a constant addition of new junk. Lately however I have tried to go through my bag to see to it that I haven’t got a lot of unnecessary stuff to drag around. The fun thing with having a lot of unnecessary stuff in the bag is the exploration of it all when you finally clean it out!

    Thanks for a great blog!

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