Back To Baking, Honey Loaf.

Every Tuesday was baking day here last year, I came in after mucking out and set about baking for the week. There is something very relaxing about getting all your ingredients ready and getting your hands into all the flour. The smell fresh baking leaves in the house always makes it feel so homely.

One of our neighbours has bees and sells their own honey they have had bees since I was a child but the first jar of their honey I tasted was last week . I can’t even describe how much sweeter the honey is compared to the watered down stuff we buy in the shops. Even when you open the jar there is a glorious rich,sweet , honey smell that makes you want to get a spoon and dive right in.

We were given a jar of their honey last week as a thank you because the farmer and the middle little farmer gave them a helping hand. This lasted less than a week , I have honey here for a local supermarket that must be here four months and it’s not half empty so that says a lot for our local honey. I love all the boys eat it because it has to be so much better for them than jam and I love lots in my porridge in the morning.

The honey is so nice and I love baking so I wanted to combine the two but when I look up my many baking books I couldn’t find any cake recipes that used honey. So I asked on twitter and checked out the internet and I have found a few. One I received by email yesterday evening and I can’t wait to try it , Thanks Katy :).

The one I tried yesterday I found on The goddess kitchen it is from Rachel Allens book bake. The smell while this was baking was lovely the only thing I would say is it is a little dry but very tasty. If you have any recipes for honey please let me know, hope you enjoy baking this one .

Have a good Wednesday everyone :).

Honey Loaf.

300g plain flour , 2 tsp level baking powder , half tsp salt , 100g soft butter , 175g runny honey, 2 eggs , 75 ml milk , 1 tbsp warm honey to brush / pour over cake when it’s cooked, loaf tin.

Preheat the oven to gas mark 3 . Grease and line your tin , if you don’t have a loaf tin you could use a round or square one. Sift your flour , baking powder and salt into a bowl. I used my electric mixer to do all the work so I put the butter and honey in and mixed till light and fluffy. Add one egg at a time and mix till well combined then add all the dry ingredients . Lastly add the milk and mix till you have a nice smooth mix , place into the loaf tin and into your oven. Bake for 45 – 55 minutes till golden and cooked through. When it is just out of the oven pour the warmed honey over the top of the cake and enjoy .

20130410-074419 a.m..jpg


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