Bull Fun.

Our twenty bull calves we bought last year are now a little over a year old and today we split them into two groups. I hate having to do anything with the bulls one because they can be unpredictable and because they are just so big .

Our yard isn’t really set up for handling bulls which means myself and the farmer today to separate them into their two groups we had to walk in around them and send the ones we wanted in the field in one direction and the ones we wanted to keep in, in the other direction.

We divided them into two groups of ten , the first group were all the bigger and older bulls in the group and the second group are the smaller and younger ones. The group we are keeping in will be slowly over the next few day put up to three kgs of meal and then around the start of may they will be put up to adlib meal so they are fattened and ready for the factory near the start or July. While they are in they are also on silage / hayledge and bedded on straw.

The second group are gone out to grass well what grass we have for them. They will be kept on about 1.5 kg each of meal for a while but then taken off it if the grass picks up a little. When they are due to come back in they will be put up to 3kg meal each in the field and then when they are in they will be put onto adlib meal as well till they are factory ready.

Even though I have a knot in my stomach every time I have to do anything with the bulls when they get to a year old , the boys today were very well behaved one or two got slaps for shaking their heads at me but other than that it was a stress free event.


20130403-102540 p.m..jpg

20130403-102553 p.m..jpg

20130403-102607 p.m..jpg

20130403-102629 p.m..jpg

20130403-102639 p.m..jpg


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