Fresh Air And Rosy Cheeks.

On Sunday the farmer and the eldest little farmer had gone away for the morning and the middle little farmer was getting over his tummy bug so I decided to head to the beach for a walk . After everyone being sick it was nice to get out in the very , very cold fresh sea air . The littlest farmer and Jess one of our dogs came with me but it was so cold on the beach the littlest farmer wanted to head back to the jeep after a few minutes on the beach. So we loaded back into the jeep and headed for McDonalds for some nice warm pancakes but not before we stopped to look at some fishing boats 🙂
Have a good Wednesday everyone .

20130402-105148 p.m..jpg

20130402-105158 p.m..jpg

20130402-105211 p.m..jpg

20130402-105220 p.m..jpg

20130402-105228 p.m..jpg


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