My Thoughts Are With Other Farmers.



We are getting really bad weather at the minute for this time of the year but we really should be counting our blessings that we are not getting the snow that Northern Ireland and England are getting. I watched video clips and read news reports about farmers loosing hundreds of sheep due to snow , it doesn’t bare thinking about.

We all have the characters in our herds whether it is sheep , cows or cattle . You have the cranky ones , the friendly ones and the ones that are just cheeky. My heart goes out to all the farmers who are having to look for their characters and knowing that they are probably all dead due to the snow. It must be such a stressful time on them and their families.

I want to ask everyone who reads this post to reach out to all the farmers that are under pressure whether it is through lack of feeding for their stock , lack of help in these rough weather conditions or if you live near or know anyone effected by the snow. Let them know you are thinking of them , offer half an hour of help or just a friendly ear to listen . Farming can and is at the minute a very stressful profession even for those not effected by the snow and as a farmer I know we are not inclined to talk about our feelings or ask for help. We are all feeling the pressure this year but at the minute my thoughts are with all those effected by the snow.

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts Are With Other Farmers.

  1. Wonderful post. We haven’t had the awful snow but have had blizzard like conditions and freezing temperatures. There is help being drafted in for farmers but it won’t be enough. It will be appreciated of course, but farming is pretty dire right now and as well as having a stressful lambing season, the arable side isn’t very rosy either.

    CJ x

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