I Felt I Had Forgotten Something.

iphone 5 010

All day long today I kept feeling I had forgotten something , I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I went through all the stock to make sure I hadn’t forgotten something with them, no it wasn’t them but still I couldn’t work out what it was. While we were eating our dinner this evening it came to me , I had time today to get some little jobs done, jobs that had been missed for the last two weeks due to lambing.

It wasn’t something I had forgotten , it was I felt a little lost with no ewe’s lambing. I was so in the routine of long hours and tough work that today while we wait for the last few girls to lamb I got clothes folded that had sat waiting for me to put them away for nearly three weeks. I managed to ring Board Bia about getting both our cattle and sheep approved. This extra time is what made me feel a little unsettled :). Isn’t it funny how we can get into the routine and then with a little change it can knock us about a little. We still have to do the late night checks and early morning starts till they have all lambed but because there isn’t lots lambing everyday taking up all my time now I am able to catch up on other jobs which have been waiting on me.

iphone 5 024

I have even been able to blog a little more and organise our book club for April . I am sure there will be lots of jobs to fill the gap of no lambing ewes but I am going to miss it when they are done , I really enjoyed lambing this year :).

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