Bookworm’s Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey.


Our book for February was Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I had heard so many good reports about this book and about how funny it was but all I can say I was disappointed with it. Tina on TV can and is at times really funny and at times the book was funny but not laugh out loud funny. Friends had read it in three days , it took me the full month and I only just got it finished last night.

Tina covers work , family , holidays , growing up , beauty and lots of other subjects as well. For me the funniest parts were when she was taking about her cruise with her husband because of a fear of flying , when she talked about not breastfeeding which I didn’t do with either of my three and her prayer for her daughter. I was sorry I had picked this after the first week of reading it and don’t think I would tell anyone else to go get it. There is very little else I can tell you about it because I really didn’t enjoy it :(.

Our bookclub choice for March is Witness To Evil by Veronica McGrath and it was chosen by Gillian Lang :). If anyone would like to join our bookclub you can find us here The Bookworms BookClub .

Here is a review written by another one of our bookclub members Rosemarie Mullin.


Hi Elaine – a quick review from a blog less one – apologies it’s late.Thanks  so much for organising, this I struggle with time management so it’s great to participate & I am loving the new blogs I’ve subscribed to from the other members.

I will preface this by saying my only real experience of Tina is viewing a few clips of her as Sarah Palin & a few minutes of her hosting this years Golden Globes with Amy Poehler so I had no particular expectations.

I did not get a lot of the SNL or 30 Rock references but perhaps a fan would be captivated.
I finished this in c 5 hours and found it an easy  read. I was a little disappointed by my failure to laugh out loud as promised by the glowing reviews inside the cover .I am interested to read Maeve Higgins “We have a good time don’t we? “and compare the two for laughability.

I liked her honesty-her unrealistic expectations of her gay friends, in respect of choices she made -stealing the job from Donna & her reaction to the Anthrax scare at 30 Rockefeller.
I loved the story of her honeymoon cruise only because it supports my irrational fear of cruise ships & cruising.

Overall I think she was making a valiant effort to update an autobiography with an innovative comedic  format but perhaps only a die hard SNL or 30 Rock would appreciate it fully.
I have no doubt Tina is funny & interesting but I would not race out to buy a sequel. I might however sky+ the movie Babymama on tv3 After V Browne at 12.05 am 27th feb to watch her in action!


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