Music Makes Work Easier.

I love music and having it playing while I am cleaning the house or outside doing the yard work. It is a thing that helps the time go a little quicker . I wouldn’t say I have a favourite group or singer and I like lots of different types of music. The songs I love for work are ones that make you want to move no matter who sings them.

These are my are what I am playing at the moment 🙂

Pink always has great songs , hope to go see her in April.

This is the first Taylor Swift song I like :).

I can’t explain this one but it’s either his accent , bald head , cheeky grin or the music or all of it but love most of his music :).

I know I am a little old for liking this song as the eldest little farmer is nearly the same age as some of these guys but this song is really nice .

This one always makes it feel like summer for me and it always gets me dancing around the house or the yard 🙂

Hope you enjoy these , tell me what some of your favourite music is at the minute.


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